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Web VPN: PubMed & Web VPN

A quick tutorial on using UCSD's web VPN

PubMed & Web VPN Issue

Recent changes at PubMed have altered the way it works when using the web VPN.  It may get better in time, but for many, the web VPN is your best option to access resources from the VA or from some of the local clinics and hospitals where installing software or adjusting browser settings is not possible. 

What to Do if PubMed Won't Display Properly

PubMed is a database that is available for everyone, and even the special UCSD version with UC-eLinks does not require VPN to use.  What you will need the VPN for is when you want the full-text of the articles you found in PubMed.  The following steps, albeit, a bit clunky, will let you search PubMed and get to the full-text.

  • Without web VPN, go to UCSD's PubMed.
  • Run search.
  • If you want more than one or two articles, try using the Clipboard.  (See tutorial on main PubMed page, if needed.)
  • Click the title of the article you want in full-text to open abstract of article.
  • Click on the UC-eLinks button.
  • Copy the URL (web address) of UC-eLinks.
  • Bring up new browser tab or window - login to web VPN (
  • Paste URL in the home page address box.
  • You will either get the full-text or the UC-eLinks menu that will have the online & print links.

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