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Data in Everyday Life: Home

Hello, and thank you for participating in the UC San Diego Love Data Week 2019 “Data in Everyday Life” activity! This activity will take only a couple minutes to complete.


To start the survey, you will need to click "I AGREE" at the bottom of this page.


The survey

Data is a much broader topic than people usually think. In fact, many aspects of your daily life can be quantified and considered “data”, which is what this survey is all about. This survey will ask you some questions about your day-to-day life, like how much coffee you drink, your current favorite TV show, and how you get to campus. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and is entirely optional. We hope you find the questions interesting!

The platform

Survey123 is a platform similar to Google Forms, but with geospatial capabilities. ESRI, the company behind Survey123, is also the company behind the popular GIS platform ArcGIS. This means that geospatial questions and answers can be extracted and downloaded in ArcGIS. We encourage you to read the ESRI privacy statements to understand how your data, including geolocation and device data, is handled by the platform.


Information the survey collects

The only demographic questions (that is, questions about your identity) are about your UCSD affiliation: student, faculty, or staff.


In addition to any survey responses you provide, Survey123 will access your location with your permission. A location is required to create a “geopoint” so that the underlying GIS platform is able to attach the responses to a point in space. Survey123 is often used for “in the field” surveys, where location is an important variable to capture. In this survey, any geospatial questions are not concerned with your actual location (rather, you’ll be able to drop a pin in a map), but a location is still needed for the underlying geodatabase.


Clicking “I Agree” at the bottom of this page will progress the survey and allow Survey123 to access your location. If you do not click “I Agree”, the survey will exit.


Information we will not collect

This survey does not collect any direct identifiers, such as names or emails. This exercise is meant to be a fun learning experience; so, we are not interested in identifying individuals through this survey. We will take steps not to accidentally identify individuals.


How we will use this information

We are going to combine data from your daily life with other people’s daily lives. This should be fun! When we aggregate data like this, we can start to see interesting patterns. For instance, is the student body primarily Gryffindors or do we have a strong showing from Hufflepuffs? We can also see how results vary based on how we separate the data. For instance, faculty and staff probably have a longer commute to campus than most students, but we don’t need to assume – we can actually test this! Likewise, we can find out whether anyone actually read this privacy statement. There's a question in the survey that asks for a secret password - the password is "library".


Summary statistics and data visualizations will be presented in the Geisel Library Data & GIS Lab and the library blog. The survey will close at 5pm on Friday, February 15, 2019.  We will retain the data for one week maximum (until 5pm February 22) after the end of Love Data Week. We will then delete all copies of the information.


Things we will not do with your responses

The results will not be used for any research or decision making purposes. We will not share individual-level data with anyone. This survey is strictly for entertainment and education purposes. We hope you come away from this survey (and the results, when presented) with a better understanding of what “data” can be and how aggregate results vary depending on how we split the underlying data.

We’ll keep your responses private

Only two people will have access to the raw data from this survey: Data Science Librarian Stephanie Labou ( and GIS Librarian Amy Work ( Please feel free to email them if you have questions or concerns about how the data are collected and used.


This survey has been reviewed by Campus Privacy Officer Pegah Parsi.


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