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Using your laptop to access resources

Before you can get into licensed UCSD resources like databases and electronic journals and books, you have to set up ENCRYPTED WIRELESS on your laptop.  (Guest wireless will not allow you access to these.) 

To set up ENCRYPTED WIRELESS on your laptop, go to the site below and select your operating system.  Detailed directions with illustrations will guide you through the process.

Encrypted Wireless at UCSD

UCSD Libraries Catalog (Keyword Search)

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My Library Account     |     Search Roger by Title, Author, etc.

Jump right in and find a book on your topic at the UC San Diego Library.

Off Campus Access to Resources

Accessing Resources from Off Campus

If you are using any computer from off campus, in order to access UCSD licensed resources, you need to set up the VPN on your computer.  You can install the CISCO AnyConnect or use the webVPN.

Directions for setting up Proxy for off campus access.

Which one do I choose?  

  • CISCO AnyConnect covers the entire computer and stays on for a long time.
  • webVPN lives in just one browser tab - makes it very convenient to use, nothing to install.

Any special tips for using them?

  • With CISCO AnyConnect:  be sure the group setting is "2 step Secured allthruucsd"
  • With webVPN:  be sure the group setting is "2 step Secured Easy Connect"

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