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Data Science Orientation: Computing & Software

Campus provided software

Campus ITS maintains a list of software packages that can be downloaded. Some are free/discounted for students, including Microsoft Office 360, Adobe Creative Cloud, MATLAB, ChemOffice/ChemDraw, Maple, Mathematica, and Solidworks. Others may only be available to faculty and staff. Check the description for each for access information.

Campus ITS also maintains a list of campus computer labs, which have certain software installed.

If you don't see the software that you want listed, email

Data Science & Machine Learning Platform

UC San Diego's Data Science/Machine Learning Platform (DSMLP) provides undergraduate and graduate students with access to research-class CPU/GPU resources for coursework, formal independent study, and student projects.

Students may obtain access to DSMLP through the following routes:

  1. By automatic setup of courses assigned to DSMLP: enrolled students receive access shortly before the first day of each term.
  2. Via the DSMLP Independent Study Access Request Form
  3. Upon request, for students interested in exploring the environment for personal enrichment:  please send email to

Other computing resources