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Mexican Studies: Historical and Contemporary Business Research

Guide to Resources for Research on Mexico at UCSD and the greater San Diego-Baja Region and beyond

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The Business Research Guide is also an excellent starting place for contemporary and historical business research.

Approaches to Searching the UCSD Catalog (ROGER)

Keyword Searching for these phrases/keywords may be productive:

  • city directories city/region/country [i.e. city directories Tijuana OR city directories Mexico]
  • companies directories country/region/city [i.e. company directories Puebla]
  • industry/commodity history country/region/city [i.e. silver Mexico]
  • Annual reports of the world's central banks add country if desire

Databases for Business Research (Including Company and Industry Profiles)

Business Insights: Global   This link opens in a new window

BI: Global is a great first-stop for business and management information. It includes information on companies and industries from business and trade journals, academic journals, industry reports, newspapers, newsletters, and classic business reference sources. Search on a company name. In the search results, click on individual companies to open well-organized company profiles.

Business News Americas: BNamericas 

Premium news, reports, and statistics on Latin American industries and companies, covering telecommunications, information technology, electric power, oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, metals, banking, information technology, infrastructure, privatization, water and waste, and insurance sectors.

IMPORTANT ACCESS INFORMATION for BNA AMERICAS(1) The first time you login, you need to use the passwordless login – put in your email, and click on send magic link. (2) The magic link will probably go to your Junk Mail/Spam – and, if you have that set so that you get a daily digest, by the time you get it, it will probably have expired.  Here’s how to get it more quickly and unblock it for the future. (3) Search your inbox or junk mail or deleted mail for: UCSD Spam Quarantine (4) Click on “Request New End User Digest” – which will bring up a digest of your most recent spam alerts (5) Find the message from (likely in your junk mail) and click on “Release and Allow Sender” – so that that this email will go into your inbox and, in the future, any emails from BNAmericas will not be blocked.  Once you get in, you will be able to reset your password for continued use.

EMIS Intelligence (formerly ISI Emerging Markets)  

Provides economic studies, company & industry reports, country risk, statistics and political news on emerging market countries. Covers public & private companies & global industry reports. Includes interactive data analysis tools & news alerts. Excellent China coverage.

Factiva contains MANY newspapers, including financial.  To see if it provides access to a particular publication, click on the source downward arrow and search by title.  For example, you will find El Financiero here.

Global Financial Database  

Financial and economic data covering over 150 countries and over 6,500 historical and current data series. Bonds, T-bills, unemployment, GDP, commodity prices, exchange rates, and more, some dating back to 1900. Note: To access, use the “Login Anonymously” option and choose GFDatabase in the left nav bar.

Global Insight  

Global Insight provides access to the 4 Basic Economics Databases covering U.S. economic, financial, and demographic statistics. Concepts available are U.S. trade, population, production, income, housing, employment, and finance. Data series are available at daily, weekly, and monthly frequencies with history from 1946. Although licensed users can search more than 100 Global Insight databases, data downloads are limited to BASIC, BASIC/D, BASIC/FX, and BASIC/W.

  • Basic Economics - contains approximately 6,000 monthly, quarterly, and annual time series that date back to 1946 when available.
  • Weekly - contains approximately 500 weekly time series that date as far back as 1959 where applicable. Whenever possible, monthly counterparts are available in the Economics database.
  • Daily
  • FX - the Daily and FX contain about 700 financial variables, commodity prices, interest rates and foreign exchange rates from various agencies.

Latin America Data Base (LADB)  

Searchable database of weekly newsletters covering Latin American political and economic affairs, 1986-present. Current titles are NotiSur (South America), SourceMex (Mexico), NotiCen (Central America).


Online archive and feed of the Latin American Newsletters (London) family of political economic news and analysis publications - also known as Latin American Intelligence Service. Earliest coverage reaches back to 1967.

Mergent Online  

Provides detailed information about U.S. and International public companies. Content includes: links to SEC EDGAR filings, current and archived company profiles and annual reports, historical financial and stock price data, equity research reports, and industry reports.

Useful US Financial News Periodicals

Business Week 

Call Number: Offsite SRLF HF 5001.B89 (1929-1989)

Publication Date: 1929-

UCSD Library provides access 1929-present

Print: Offsite SRLF HF 5001.B89 (1929-1989)
Electronic Since 1990


Call Number: Offsite SRLF HF5001.F72 (1930-1989); Journals, Geisel 1 E (1990-); Current Cournals, Geisel 2 W HF5001.F7

Publication Date: 1930-

UCSD Library provides access 1930-present

Print: Offsite SRLF HF5001.F72 (1930-1989); Journals, Geisel 1 E (1990-); Current Cournals, Geisel 2 W HF5001.F

Harvard Business Review (1922-present) 

The Wall Street Journal