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Global Public Health: Country Information and Reports

Resources for Basic Country Information

Great Sources for Quick Profiles/Statistical Information:

Resources for More In-Depth Country Information

See the Global Policy & Strategy Research Guide for:

Additional Resources in Alphabetical Order

Latin Macro Watch 

Macroeconomic and financial database mapping indicators on economic activity, fiscal and external accounts, financial markets, and forecasts. Historical data at monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies are available starting in 1990 and covers the 26 borrowing members of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Related Research Guides

Many of these resources are taken from the Statistics/Data Tab of the UCSD Library International Government Information Research Guide which points to resources to find great background information and statistics on countries around the world. Using such resources is a helpful place to start research on any Latin American country.

The United Nations page on this guide also provides guidance on methods and resources to search for significant country information.

Human Rights Information

Human Rights Information can also provide authoritative indicators and descriptions of conditions in particular countries.  The following are good starting points for Human Rights Research

EXCELLENT starting point for your research -- the index/table of contents includes: "Refugee and Asylum Resources"

Useful Tabs:
Issues By Theme (find migration)
Human Rights By Country

The "Regions," "Topics," and "Reports" tabs are all good places to start

Information on Human Rights Issues By Country

The Reports, Regions, and News tabs are all good places to start