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Global Public Health: BrowZine - Keeping Up with New Articles

About BrowZine

BrowZine is a current awareness service to help you keep up with the latest research in your field. You can use it on the web, through a mobile app, or both as it syncs your account across all devices. It's available to all UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students.

With BrowZine:

  • Create a customized list of your favorite scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (64 max), which you can access on the web (via and mobile devices. This includes journals in all disciplines, from hundreds of publishers.
  • Check in periodically to see if new articles have been published. On your mobile device, you'll get a notification with the number of new articles. 
  • Browse the articles for ones you want to read, or download to read later.
  • Create and organize lists of articles ("My Articles") for easy retrieval. This is a great way to save articles for later reading if you like to scan for articles on your phone but prefer to read them on your tablet or computer.
  • Share links to articles, or export references into bibliographic management software.

For more in-depth searching of the literature, to search materials not covered by BrowZine like books and popular magazines, and to access older journal issues, please consult other resources such as UC Library Search, our databases and research guides, and your subject librarian.