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Literatures in English: Overviews of Recent Scholarship

This page lists sources that cover multiple periods, genres, and/or nationalities. See additional resources in the "Historical Literary Period" and "Geographical Region" pages.

Recent Scholarship

American Literary Scholarship 

  • A collection of scholarly reviews of the previous year's scholarship in all periods and genres of American literature, with some chapters devoted to single authors or groups of similar authors. 

Literature Compass

  • An online review journal containing frequent survey articles on the scholarship in all areas of English-language literature.

Dissertation Reviews

  • Overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertation in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. Provides a summary of the author's main arguments, the historiographic genealogy in which the author operates, and the main source bases for his/her research.

The Year's Work in English Studies 

  • A series of surveys of the scholarship on the various periods of English and American literature. 

The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory

  • Oxford University Press. Search the relevant chapters in each annual issue of the journal. Available from volume 1, 1991 to the most recent year published.