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Literatures in English: Australia and New Zealand

This page lists sources that cover multiple periods, genres, and/or nationalities. See additional resources in the "Historical Literary Period" and "Geographical Region" pages.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Companions


The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature. Ed. Elizabeth Webby. Cambridge & NY: Cambridge UP, 2000. Ten survey articles on various genres and periods of Australian literature, plus a good overall short history by Webby. Print edition also available at PR 9604.3 .C36 2000.

The Oxford Australian Dictionary. 2nd ed., 2004.

The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature. 2nd ed. Ed. William H. Wilde, Joy Hooton, and Barry Andrews. New York: Oxford Univeristy Press, 1994. Frequently updated.

Clancy, Laurie. A Reader's Guide to Australian Fiction. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1992. Request SRLF copy from the Melvyl record.

New Zealand

The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. Wellington: Allen & Unwin, 1990-2000. 6 volumes so far, covering 1769-1980. Geisel stacks CT 2882 .D53 (volumes 3 & 4 only, covering 1901-1940).

The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary. Ed. Tony Deaverson and Graeme Kennedy. 2005.

The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature. Ed. Roger Robinson and Nelson Wattie. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Frequently updated.

Collections of Full Texts

Most of these websites include more than just "literary" texts. Some primarily consist of primary sources, others of secondary sources; some include both. For more details on these resources and some additional ones, consult Courtney & Christenberry.


Australian Poetry Library. Based at the University of Sydney, this site provides texts of tens of thousands of poems by Australian poets

National Library of Australia Digital Collections. Books, pictures, maps, sound recordings, manuscripts, and more. IncludesTrove, an unrivalled digital repository of newspapers, periodicals, images, books, and other online resources.  

PANDORA: Australia's Web Archive

Project Gutenberg Australia

Australasian Digital Theses Program (ADTP)

New Zealand

Early New Zealand Books

National Library of New Zealand Digital Collections

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre

Websites relevant to both countries

Empire Online

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO). Useful for primary sources on the early colonial exploration and settlement of all of Britain's colonies. 

Guide to Research and Resources

Courtney, Angela and H. Faye Christenberry. Literary Research and the Literatures of Australia and New Zealand: Strategies and Sources. (Literary Research STrategies and Sources, no. 6). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2011. Geisel PR 9604.3 .C47 2011

I am indebted to this source for much of the information in all the boxes on this page.

Bibliographies of Secondary Sources


AustLit: The Australian Literature Resource. Canberra: U. of New South Wales, 1999- . A recently established collagborative effort to provide authoritative information on hundreds of thousands of creative and critical Australian literary works. One goal is to index all relevant materials, regardless of format, by oor about Australian authors from 1780 to the present. Includes more than 12,000 full-text works as well.

"Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature [1963- ]." Appears annually in the journal Australian Literary Studies. For citations before 1996, see ALS Guide (below).

"Bibliography of Australian Literature and Criticism Published in North America [1985- ]" appears annually in the journal Antipodes.

The ALS Guide to Australian Writers: A Bibliography 1963-1995. Ed. Martin Duwell, Marianne Ehrhardt, and Carol Hetherington. 2nd ed. St. Lucia: U Queensland P, 1997. Request SRLF copy using the Melvyl record. Cumulates the annual bibliographies in the "Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature" for the first 33 years of its publication.

Andrews, B.G. and William H. Wilde. Australian Literautre to 1900: A Guide to Information Resources. Detroit: Gale, 1980. Request from SRLF using the Melvyl record.

Day, A. Grove. Modern Australian Prose, 1901-1975: A Guide to Information Resources. Detroit: Gale, 1980. Request SRLF copy from the Melvyl record.

Ross, Robert L. Australian Literary Criticism, 1945-1988: An Annotated Bibliography. NY: Garland, 1989. 7th floor PR 9604.3 .R67 1989

New Zealand

Index New Zealand (INNZ). Wellington: National Library of N.Z., 1987- . Abstracts of articles from approximately 1000 N.Z. magazines and newspapers. Good for finding book reviews of fiction, poetry, scholarly books, etc.

New Zealand Literary File. Auckland: U of Auckland Library. Lists primary and secondary works on New Zealand writers, but most of the secondary works listed are from New Zealand periodicals and newspapers that may be difficult to obtain outside N.Z.

Thomson, John. New Zealand Literature to 1977: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research, 1980. Request from SRLF using the record in Melvyl.

Bibliographies of Primary Sources


Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD). Canberra: National Library of Australia, 1981- .

Bibliography of Australian Literature (BAL). Ed. John Arnold and John Hay. Kew, Vic.: Australian Scholarly Pub., 2001-08. 4 vols. A complete set is now available at UC Santa Barbara; use Melvyl to request. For early books, use Macartney and Miller, below.

Adelaide, Debra. Australian Women Writers: A Bibliographic Guide. London: Pandora, 1988. Request SRLF copy through Melvyl.

Lindesay, Vane. The Way We Were: Australian Popular Magazines 1856-1969. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1983. Request from SRLF using the Melvyl record.

Macartney, Frederick T. Australian Literautre: A Bibliography to 1938, Extended to 1950. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1956. Request from SRLF using the Melvyl record.

Miller, Morris. Australian Literature from Its Beginnings to 1935: A Descriptive and Bibliographical Survey of Bookis by Australian Authors in Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Criticism and Anthology. Melbourne: Melbourne UP, 1940. 2 vols. Request from NRLF using the record in Melvyl.

Pong, Alfred. Checklist of Nineteenth Century Australian Periodicals. Bundoora, Vic.: La Trobe UP, 1985. Request from SRLF using the Melvyl record.

Stuart, Lurline. Australian Periodicals with Literary Content, 1821-1925: An Annotated Bibliography. Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Pub., 2003. Not available in the UC system; may be available through Interlibrary Loan.

Webby, Elizabeth. Early Australian Poetry: An Annotated Bibliography of Original Poems Published in Australian Newspapers, Magazines, and Almanacks before 1850. Sydney: Hale, 1982. Request from SRLF using the Melvyl record.

New Zealand

Publicaitons New Zealand (PNZ).Wellington: National Library of New Zealand. An online, updated version of New Zealand National Bibliography.

New Zealand Literary File. Auckland: U of Auckland Library. Lists primary and secondary works on New Zealand writers, but most of the secondary works listed are from New Zealand periodicals and newspapers that may be difficult to obtain outside N.Z.

Park, Iris M. New Zealand Periodicals of Literary Interest. Wellington: National Library Service, 1962. Request from SRLF using the record in Melvyl.

Manuscripts and Archives

Guide to Australian Literary Manuscripts.

Archives New Zealand. The Comunity Archive. Formerly known as the National Register of Archvies and Manuscripts. Not totally comprehensive in listing literary archvies from all New Zealand libraries and institutions, but the best union list available. 

Be sure to search the websites listed in the main page of this Guide for Manuscripts and Archives. Libraries in the U.S. and the U.K. have a huge amount of archival material pertaining to both Australian and New Zealand.