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UC/Stanford Government Information Librarians (GILS): Digitization Projects

Digitization Projects

Projects - September 2012 UPDATES


Projects in Process

  • UC Libraries Digital Preservation Repository
    The DPR is designed to as a "self-service" repository to ensure the longterm integrity of a wide range of content types (images, text, sound, video, etc). Currently materials that are being submitted to the repository support the teaching, learning, and research of the UC.
  • Web-at-Risk project
    The Web at Risk is building a web-archiving service that will enable librarians to collect, manage, and preserve web-based documents.
  • Partnership with Yahoo, Internet Archive, and the UC Libraries to digitize content
    Joint Committee on Atomic Energy hearings and prints.
  • Stanford
    Stanford is also digitizing hearings as part of their Google project.

Proposed Projects

  • California Fisheries annual reports from 1930's - present
  • Historical Water Resources Publications of the California Department of Water Resources and its predecessors
    Water is perhaps the most important resource issue in the state of California. The California Department of Water Resources and its predecessor agencies have published a series of important works detailing water resources issues such as flood control, the development and operation of the California Water Plan, drought issues, and water quality. The print copies of these works are subject to loss and deterioration. The entire collection listed below would include an estimated 800-1000 volumes.
    • California. Department of Water Resources. Bulletins 1- 1922- .
    • The DWR bulletin series continues to be published, although the series has significantly tapered off as most publication has migrated to the web. The DWR Bulletin series covers water issues all over the state, studying major river basins, covering California high water events, ground water issues, land and water use studies, an annual series on Water Conditions in California (Bulletin 120), a continuing series on the management and operation of the California State Water Project (Bulletin 132), and many other important and irreplaceable works on water issues in the state. Includes many subseries with annual volumes. Related or earlier series that should be included:
    • California. State Water Resources Board. Bulletin. No. 1-24, 1951-1964..
    • This agency was established by the Legislature in 1945 to carry out a statewide investigation of California's water resources.
    • California. Department of Engineering. Bulletin. No. 1-9, 1915-1921.
    • Nine bulletins on irrigation and local flood problems.
    • California Department of Public Works. Division of Water Rights. Bulletin 1-7, 1923-1929.
    • Investigations of the Sacramento, San Joaquin, Kings and San Gabriel rivers.
  • California Department of Fish and Game Inland Fisheries Administrative Reports
    The Inland Fisheries Administrative Reports allow one to trace the fate of salmon and other important species in the state. The California Department of Fish and Game Inland Fisheries Branch has a unique collection of 1932-1999 Inland Fisheries Administrative Reports that are not readily available outside the Department. The California State Library is also interested in seeing this set digitized. Only a few individual reports have bibliographic access via cataloging. Many of the reports are mimeographed, and in fragile condition. The entire collection consists of about 19,000 pages. This would be a unique project in that the collection is not under the control of either the UC or the CSL. Some of these documents have been digitized at the Department of Fish and Game office in Arcata, and the extent of overlap should be checked before embarking on this project. An analogous digitization project was completed at UC San Diego and made available through the California Digital Library's Online Archive of California: the digitization of 178 California Department of Fish and Game Fish Bulletins, 1913-1997
  • Bulletin /California Division of Mines and Geology, 1888-
    Issued by the agency under its various names-- Division of Mines, the Division of Mines and Mining, Division of Mines and Geology and now the California Geological Survey, this monographic series includes a wealth of information about the mines and mineral resources of the state. It is subject to deterioration and theft. Bibliographic access to earlier numbers in this series is limited. There are about 200 volumes through the current time. This project could be expanded to include selected other publications, such as Special Reports, Special Publications, and County Reports (another 250-350 numbers).
  • California Legislature. Appendices to the Journals of the California Legislature. 1849-1970.
    The Appendices to the Journals of the California Legislature comprise a rich source of primary historical documents on California State history starting in 1849 and continuing until 1970. Included in the volumes are annual reports of agencies, and research reports on subjects of interest at the time. For example, several reports discuss the impact on the State of California of cheap labor of the Chinese and Japanese as they immigrated into the state. The appendices have been partially indexed in Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States, California 1849-1904 by Adelaide R. Hasse and the Monthly checklist of State Publications by the Library of Congress. These resources do not cover all the years that the Appendices were published, nor is either source available online. Only ten or so individual state legislative documents printed in the Appendices have bibliographic access in Melvyl. The approximate size of this collection is 300 volumes, some quite substantial. Two California legislative documents in this set have been digitized in the Making of America Project; see also this record .
  • USGS quad maps for California
    project planned by California map librarians.