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MGT 469: Comparative Analysis Project: Financials & SEC Filings

How do I find at least five years' worth of public company financials?

The Mgt 469 assignment specifies using the Investor Relations section of each company’s website to access its SEC filings (10-Ks).

How do I find the SEC filings for my companies?

These resources provide alternative ways to get the SEC filings, fyi.

You can go right to the SEC’s EDGAR database of public company filings,

Mergent Online,  houses links to the SEC filings via . If you use the ‘Government Filings’ tab, you can download these filings easily into excel or to grab any graphics for your presentations


Which SEC filings give me the most relevant information for my analysis?

The 10-K is a good place to be thorough. Especially check out the footnotes to the financials and the Management Discussion.

ARS —the annual report; SC-13 changes in beneficial ownership, S-8 changes in employee benefit plans, DEF 14 proxy series. For a complete list of the forms and what they cover see


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