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Mendeley: Home

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is both a desktop and a web-based citation management program that does many of the things that other programs do including:

  • Allowing you to collect the citation details of articles, books, or websites you want to use in your research
  • Inserting in-text citations and building bibliographies
  • Organize your PDFs 
  • Annotation tools for commenting and highlighting PDFs
  • Creating a collaborative space to work with others
  • Discover articles through Mendeley's news and matching feeds




To take advantage of all that Mendeley offers, it is best to use both the desktop & web versions.  

Mendeley also has some social networking features:

  • Profile - set one up so people can know what you are doing & follow you.  Follow other researchers.  Set up a network of researchers working on similar topics.
  • Suggest - find articles of interest that your colleagues are reading.
  • Collections - create a collection of articles, make them public, and share.