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Data & GIS Lab: Lab Software

Available Lab Software

The Lab has 5 dual-monitor workstations available for use by current UC San Diego students, faculty and staff. The lab is located on the 2nd (Main) floor of the Geisel Library Building in the west wing.

One data-dedicated machine ("The Datacruncher") has additional software and greater computing power than the other 4 workstations.

All Lab Machines (6 machines)

  • Agisoft Metashape Standard
  • Anaconda Python
  • ArcGIS Business Analyst
  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Datastream (Thompson)
  • QGIS
  • R 3.5.2
  • R Studio
  • SAS 9.4
  • SketchUp 2019
  • SPSS
  • Stat/Transfer

Datacruncher Machine Only (1 machine)

  • Atlas.ti (8.3)
  • NVivo 12
  • PDF2XL Enterprise
  • Stata/MP 15
  • Tableau 2018.2