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Data/GIS Lab: GIS

Lab Details Specific to GIS

GIS & GIS-Related Software Access
In the Lab, there are six (6) workstations with data & GIS software. These computers are limited to use by only current members of the UC San Diego community due to our GIS software license terms. This includes students, staff, faculty, and visiting scholars. If you have are unsure of how you fit into the UCSD community, just come in and ask us if you can use the computers!

The Lab workstations with GIS software have ArcGIS Desktop at the ArcInfo functionality level, as well as Google Earth PRO.

Our Lab network does not connect to the larger Active Directory network that you may be used to. Here's an array of options for saving your GIS data and projects.

GIS Data
GIS data, complete with metadata, is accessible on the 'X' drive. We can also help you find GIS data and help you format your own data for use in GIS. More information about GIS data.

Consultation and Technical Assistance
We can help you incorporate GIS into your research and/or coursework as well as help you with a particular GIS task or issue.

The GIS Coordinator and GIS Lab Assistants are available to assist patrons with GIS on an appointment and walk-in basis. A weekly schedule is posted next to the Lab door, and is also available here through Google Calendar.

You are encouraged to set up an appointment with Michael L. Smith, GIS Coordinator for a Lab Orientation, GIS data request, consultation, or to talk about incorporating GIS into your research.

Scanning, Digitizing & Large Format Printing
Have a paper map or imagery you'd like to use in GIS? Come talk with us and we'll help you georeference your information. We may even be able to scan a large format document for you.

The 42" plotter is available for patrons wishing to print large GIS maps or posters – for free! To utilize the plotter, contact the GIS Coordinator. If you need your map printed immediately, you may wish to utilize Imprints or a commercial printer such as Kinkos.