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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: HH - Department of Housing & Urban Development

HH - Department of Housing & Urban Development

HH 1.1: Department of Housing and Urban Development (1965- )

HH 2.1: Federal Housing Administration (1934- )

HH 3.1: Housing Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 4.1: Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1947-1955)

HH 5.1: Land and Facilities Development Administration (1965-1969)

HH 6.1: Federal National Mortgage Association (1950-1968)

HH 7.1: Renewal Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 8.1: Urban Management Assistance Administration (1969- 1974)

HH 9.1: Community Development Office

HH 10.1: Federal Insurance Administration (1968-1979)

HH 11.1: New Communities Administration

HH 12.1: Federal Disaster Assistance Administration (?-1979)

HH 13.2: Office of Multi-Family Housing Programs

HH 14.2: Office of Policy Development and Research