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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y3.G


Y 3.G 14 Commission on Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling (1975-1976)
Y 3.G 29 George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission (1928-1939)
Y 3.G 57 Commission on the Role of Gold in Domestic and International Monetary Systems (1981-1982)
Y 3.G 74 Government Patents Board (1950-1961)
Y 3.G 74/2 Government Security Commission (1955-1957)
Y 3.G 74/3 Government Activities Affecting Prices and Costs Committee (1959-1961)
Y 3.G 74/4 Commission on Government Procurement (1969-1973)
Y 3.G 75 Grades and Salaries Committee (1907-1908)
Y 3.G 76 Grant Memorial Commission (1913)
Y 3.G 79 Great Plains Drought Area Committee (1936)
Y 3.G 79/2 Great Plains Committee (1936)
Y 3.G 79/3 Great Lakes Basin Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.G 95 Gun Foundry Board (1883-1884)