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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y3.I


Y 3.Im 6 Immigration Commission (1907-1910)
Y 3.Im 6/2 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1978- 1980)
Y 3.In 2/1 Indian Currency Commission (Great Britain) (1893)
Y 3.In 2/2 Industrial Commission (1899-1902)
Y 3.In 2/3 Joint Commission to Investigate Indian Affairs (1914-1915)
Y 3.In 2/4 Commission on Industrial Relations (1913-1916)
Y 3.In 2/5 Committee on Industrial Analysis (1936-1937)
Y 3.In 2/6 Indian Claims Commission (1946-1978)
Y 3.In 2/7 Commission on Increased Industrial Use of Agricultural Products (1956-1973)
Y 3.In 2/8 National Industrial Pollution Control Council (1970-1973)
Y 3.In 2/9 National Council on Indian Opportunity (1968-1974)
Y 3.In 2/10 National Advisory Council on Indian Education (1965- )
Y 3.In 2/11 National Commission for Industrial Peace (1973-1974)
Y 3.In 8 International Exchange Commission (1903-1904)
Y 3.In 8/2 Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board (1918-1923)
Y 3.In 8/3 Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Health and Welfare Activities (1935-1939)
Y 3.In 8/4 Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific Research and Development (1947-1959)
Y 3.In 8/5 International Development Advisory Board (1950-1955)
Y 3.In 8/6 Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth (1948-1973)
Y 3.In 8/7     Intergovernmental Relations Commission (1953-1955)
Y 3.In 8/8 Interagency Committee on Water Resources (1954- 1956)
Y 3.In 8/9 Interdepartmental Committee on narcotics (1951-1970)
Y 3.In 8/10 Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States (1954-1957)
Y 3.In 8/11 Interagency Committee on Agricultural Surplus Disposal (1954-1956)
Y 3.In 8/12 Interdepartmental Committee on Radiation Preservation of Food (1956)
Y 3.In 8/13 Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense (1954)
Y 3.In 8/14 Interdepartmental Committee on Civilian Compensation (1958)
Y 3.In 8/15 Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure (1958)
Y 3.In 8/16 Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing (1960)
Y 3.In 8/17 Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Federal Urban Area Assistance Programs (1959)
Y 3.In 8/18 Interdepartmental Highway Safety Board (1960-1970)
Y 3.In 8/19 Interdepartmental Federal Tort Claims Committee (1960)
Y 3.In 8/20 Interagency Committee on International Athletics (1963)
Y 3.In 8/21 Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women (1963- 1978)
Y 3.In 8/22 Interagency Committee on Export Expansion (1963-1973)
Y 3.In 8/23 Interagency Committee on Mexican American Affairs (1967-1969)
Y 3.In 8/24 Interstate commission on the Potomac River Basin (1976- )
Y 3.In 8/25 Inter-American Foundation (1969- )
Y 3.In 8/26 Interagency Committee on Intermodal Cargo (1978-?)
Y 3.In 8/27 Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (1979-1992)
Y 3.In 8/28 International Joint Commission United States and Canada (1911- )
Y 3.In 8/29 Interagency Task Force on Small Business Finance (?-1982)
Y 3.In 8/29-2 Interparliamentary Union, United States Group (verify stem; 8/30?)
Y 3.In 8/31 Interagency Task Force on Acid Precipitation (1980-?)
Y 3.Ir 6 Board for Testing Iron, Steel, and Other Metals (1875-1881)
Y 3.Is 7 Isthmian Canal Commission (1899-1902)