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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y3.L


Y 3.L 22 Interagency Land Acquisition Conference (1971-?)
Y 3.L 44 Commission to Revise and Codify the Laws of the United States (1899-1906)
Y 3.L 52 Legal Services Corporation (1974- )
Y 3.L 58 Lewis and Clark Trail Commission (1964-1969)
Y 3.L 61 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (1970-2008)
Y 3.L 61/2 Federal Interagency Field Librarians Workshop (1972-1974)
Y 3.L 63 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission (1957-1960)
Y 3.L 71 Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) (1991- )
Y 3.L 95 Lowell Historic Canal District Commission (1975-1977)