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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y3.S


Y 3.Sa 2 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1954- 1966)
Y 3.Sa 2/2 Saint Augustine Quadricentennial Commission (1962)
Y 3.Sa 5 Santo Domingo Commission (1871)
Y 3.Se 4 Selective Service System (1948- )
Y 3.Se 5 United States Sentencing Commission (1987- )
Y 3.Se 5/2 Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Senate 
Y 3.Se 5/3 National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (1988-1992)
Y 3.Sh 6 Ship Structure Committee (1946- )
Y 3.Sh 6/2 American Shipbuilding Commission (1970-1973)
Y 3.Si 2 Joint Commission to Consider the Present Organization of the Signal Service, Geological Survey, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and Hydrographic Office (1886)
Y 3.So 1 National Commission on Social Security (1977-1981)
Y 3.So 8 Souris-Red-Rainy River Basins Commission (1967-1973)
Y 3.So 8/2 Southwest Border Regional Commission (1965-1981)
Y 3.Sp 1 National Commission on Space (1984-1986)
Y 3.Sp 2/2 Spanish Treaty Claims Commission (1901-1910)
Y 3.Sp 2/7 Cabinet Committee on Opportunity for the Spanish Speaking Peoples (1970- 1974)
Y 3.St 8 Strategy Council on Drug Abuse (1972-1980)
Y 3.St 9 National Commission on Student Financial Assistance (1980-?)
Y 3.Su 1 Subversive Activities Control Board (1950-1973)
Y 3.Su 3 Sugar Equalization Board (1918-1926)
Y 3.Su 7 Federal Board of Surveys and Maps (1936-1942)
Y 3.Su 7/2 National Commission on Supplies and Shortages (1974- 1977)
Y 3.Su 7/3 National Commission on Superconductivity