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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y4.A


Y 4.Ac 2 Committee on Accounts (House)
Y 4.Ad 6 Commission on Administrative Review (House)
Y 4.Ae 8 Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 4 Special Committee on Aging (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 4/2 Select Committee on Aging (House)
Y 4.Ag 8/1 Committee on Agriculture (House)
Y 4.Ag 8/2 Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 8/3 Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.Ai 7 Select Committee of Inquiry into Operations of Air Services (House)
Y 4.Ai 7/2 Special Committee on Investigation of Air Mail and Ocean Mail Contracts (Senate)
Y 4.Al 1/1 Joint Select Committee on Alcohol in Manufactures and Arts
Y 4.Al 1/2 Committee on Alcohol Liquor Traffic (House)
Y 4.Am 3/1 Committee on American Ship-Building (House)
Y 4.Am 3/2 Special Committee on Investigation of American Sugar Refining Company (House)
Y 4.Am 3/3 Special Committee to Investigate American Retail Federation
Y 4.Am 3/4 Special Committee to Investigate Conditions in the American Merchant Marine
Y 4.Am 3/5 Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business (Senate)
Y 4.Ap 6/1 Committee on Appropriations (House)
Y 4.Ap 6/2 Committee on Appropriations (Senate)
Y 4.Ar 5 Special Committee to Investigate the Cost of Armor Plant
Y 4.Ar 5/2 Committee on Armed Services (House)
Y 4.Ar 5/3 Committee on Armed Services (Senate)
Y 4.Ar 7 Commission on Art (Senate)
Y 4.As 7 Select Committee on Assassinations (House)
Y 4.As 8 Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration (House)
Y 4.At 7 Special Committee on Atomic Energy (Senate)
Y 4.At 7/2 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Y 4.At 8 Select Committee on Investigation of the Attorney General (Senate)