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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y4.S


Y 4.Sci 2 Committee on Science, Space and Technology (House)
Y 4.Se 2 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Y 4.Se 2/1 National Security Committee (House)
Y 4.Se 4/1 Select and Special Committees (House)
Y 4.Se 4/2 Select and Special Committees (Senate)
Y 4.Se 5 Committee on Senate Contingent Expenses
Y 4.Se 5/2 Select Committee on Senatorial Campaign Expenditures
Y 4.Se 5/3 Committee to Audit and Control Senate Contingent Expenses
Y 4.Se 5/4 Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System
Y 4.Se 5/5 Commission on the Operation of the Senate
Y 4.Sh 6 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Ship Subsidy Lobby (House)
Y 4.Sh 6/2 Special Committee to Investigate Alleged Ship Purchase Lobby (Senate)
Y 4.Sh 6/3 Select Committee on Shipping Board Operations (House)
Y 4.Sh 6/4 Select Committee on the Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation (House)
Y 4.Sh 8 Joint Committee on Short Time Record Credits
Y 4.Si 1 Select Committee on Sickness and Mortality on Emigrant Ships (Senate)
Y 4.Si 3 Special Committee on the Investigation of Silver (Senate)
Y 4.Sm 1 Committee on Small Business (House)
Y 4.Sm 1/2 Select Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Senate)
Y 4.Sp 1 Special Committee on Space and Astronautics (Senate)
Y 4.Sp 3 Speaker's Commission on Pages (1982)
Y 4.Sp 6 Select Committee on Professional Sports (House)
Y 4.St 2 Committee on Standards, Weights and Measures (Senate)
Y 4.St 2/2 Select Committee on Standards and Conduct (Senate)
Y 4.St 2/3 Committee on Ethics (House)
Y 4.Su 7 Select Committee to Investigate the Disposition of Surplus Property (House)
Y 4.Su 7/2 Select Committee on Survivors Benefits (House)