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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y4.T


Y 4.T 17 Select Committee on the Investigation of the Tariff Commission (Senate)
Y 4.T 19 Joint Committee on Tax Evasion and Avoidance
Y 4.T 19/2 Special Committee on the Taxation of Governmental Securities and Salaries (Senate)
Y 4.T 19/3 Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (House)
Y 4.T 19/4 Joint Committee on Taxation
Y 4.T 21 Special Committee to Investigate Taylor and Other Systems of Shop Management
Y 4.T 23 Joint Committee on Centennial of the Telegraph
Y 4.T 24 Temporary National Economic Committee
Y 4.T 25 Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority
Y 4.T 27/1 Committee on Territories (House)
Y 4.T 27/2 Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.T 61 Committee on the Causes of Reduction of American Tonnage
Y 4.T 68 Select Committee on Transportation Routes to Seaboard
Y 4.T 68/2     Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (House)