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Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: Y4.W


Y 4.W 12 Select Committee to Investigate Wages and Prices (Senate)
Y4.W 19 Committee on War Claims (House)
Y 4.W 21 Select Committee to Investigate the Seizure of Montgomery Ward and Company (House)
Y 4.W 27 Special Committee to Investigate the Washington Railway and Electrical Company (Senate)
Y 4.W 27/2 Joint Committee on Metropolitan Washington Problems
Y 4.W 29 Committee on Water Power
Y 4.W 36 Committee on Ways and Means (House)
Y 4.W 45 Select Committee on the Welfare and Education of Congressional Pages (House)
Y 4.W 56 Select Committee on the Investigation of Charges against Burton K. Wheeler (Senate)
Y 4.W 58 Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Financial Position of the White County Bridge Commission (House)
Y 4.W 64 Special Committee on Wildlife Resources (Senate)
Y 4.W 64/2 Select Committee on the Conservation of Wildlife Resources (House)
Y 4.W 74 Select Committee to Investigate Certain Statements Made by Doctor William A. Wirt (House)
Y 4.W 84 Select Committee on Woman Suffrage (Senate)
Y 4.W 88 Special Committee to Investigate the Production, Transportation and Marketing of Wool (Senate)
Y 4.W 89 Committee on World War Veterans Legislation (House)