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US-Mexican Border Studies: Finding Books

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations are unpublished book-length manuscripts completed in order to earn a master's degree or Ph.D.  Various subject-based databases index and abstract dissertations. Various links for access are below.  See also the general UCSD research guide dedicated to accessing Dissertations and Theses.


See also a general UCSD research guide dedicated to accessing Dissertations and Theses 

Ebook Collections accessible at UCSD

Finding Books

There are many resources to use to find books at UCSD, as well as the broader San Diego, California, and Global Community.  A useful strategy is to begin with MELVYL to search for books available throughout the University of California System.  Because it draws from UC records in WorldCat (a consortial, global library catalog), this approach allows you to expand out to global and international searches from MELVYL by selecting "Libraries Worldwide" from the drop-down menu, or to drill down to San Diego libraries by selecting "Search San Diego" or just UCSD by selecting "Search UCSD."  Alternatively, you can use ROGER to do a UCSD-specific or CIRCUIT to do a San Diego-specific library search in online systems that are not connected to WorldCat.  Other resources, including HaithiTrust, Cibera, and the Handbook of Latin American Studies provide additional citations.  Beginning with MELVYL and then expanding to broader searches or narrowing to more narrow ones is a useful strategy because the interface includes faceting, which helps you to narrow down the results of your search by format, subject, or other criteria.