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Alphabetical Agency List: Commissions, Committees, Boards

Commissions, Committees & Boards

Y 3.Ac 7 National Commission on Aids (1987-1988)
Y 4.En 2/2 Ad Hoc Committee on Energy (House)
Y 4.Ou 8/2 Ad Hoc Select Committee on Outer Continental Shelf (House)
Y 3.Ad 6 Administrative Conference of the United States (1964-1995; 2010- )
Y 3.B 78/2 Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting (1983-?)
Y 3.C 76/5 Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping (1991-1992)
Y 3.Ad 9/7 Advisory Commission on Information (1948-1968)
Y 3.Ad 9/8 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (1959-1996)
Y 3.Ad 9/9 Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs (1961-1978)
Y 3.Ad 9/10 Advisory Commission on the Arts (1961-1973)
Y 3.Ad 9/5 Advisory Commission on Universal Training (1946-1948)
Y 3.Ad 9/2 Advisory Committee on Education (1937-1939)
Y 3.Ad 9/11 Advisory Committee on Federal Pay (1971-1991)
Y 3.Ad 9/1 Advisory Committee on Fiscal Relations Study (1936-1937)
Y 3.C 76/4 Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress (1990- )
Y 3.Ad 9/4 Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid (1946-1953)
Y 3.Ad 9/6 Advisory Committee on Weather Control (1953-1957)
Y 3.H 62 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (1966- )
Y 3.P 43/2 Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Personnel Policy (1973-1974)
Y 3.Ad 9/3 Advisory Council on Social Security (1938)
Y 3.Ed 8/6 Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs (1976-1988)
Y 3.Ae 8 Aeronautics Board (1916-1948)
Y 3.Af 8 African Development Foundation (1984- )
Y 3.Ai 7/3 Air Coordinating Committee (1946-1960)
Y 3.Ar 5/3 Air Force-Navy Civil Committee on Aircraft Design Criteria (1948)
Y 3.Ai 7 Aircraft Board (1917-1919)
Y 3.Ai 7/4 Airways Modernization Board (1957-1958)
Y 3.Al 1s Alaska International Rail and Highway Commission (1956-1961)
Y 3.H 18 Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial Commission (1954-1958)
Y 3.Am 3 American Battle Monuments Commission (1923- )
Y 3.Am 3/4 American Commission for Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas 91943-1946)
Y 4.In 2/10 American Indian Policy Review Commission
Y 3.Am 3/5 American National Red Cross (1949-1952)
Y 3.Am 3/3 American Relief Administration (1919-1923) 
Y 3.Am 3/6 American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (1973- 1977)
Y 3.Am 3/2 American Samoan Commission (1926-1931)
Y 3.Sh 6/2 American Shipbuilding Commission (1970-1973)
Y 3.An 8/2 Anthracite Coal Commission (1920)
Y 3.An 8 Anthracite Coal Strike Commission (1902-1903)
Y 3.Ap 4/2 Appalachian Regional Commission (1965- )
Y 3.Ar 2 Architect of the Capitol (1793- )
Y 3.D 27 Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board 
Y 3.F 31/13-2 Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (1977-1982)
Y 3.Ar 5 Arlington Memorial Amphitheater Commission (1921-1960)
Y 3.Ar 5/2 Arlington Memorial Bridge Commission (1913-1933)
Y 3.At 6 Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission (1964-1970)
Y 3.At 7 Atomic Energy Commission (1946-1974)
Y 3.Av 5 Aviation Advisory Commission (1970-1972)
Y 3.Av 5/2 Aviation Safety Commission (1987-1988)
Y 3.B 32/2 Battle of Lake Erie Sesquicentennial Celebration Commission (1962-1963)
Y 3.B 32 Battle of New Orleans Sesquicentennial Celebration Commission (1962-1965)
Y 3.B 45 Berlin Silver Commission (1894)
Y 3.B 54 Bituminous Coal Commission (1919-1920)
Y 3.B 54/2 Bituminous Coal Consumers' Counsel (1941-1943)
Y 3.B 78 Board for International Broadcasting (1973-1995)
Y 3.Ir 6 Board for Testing Iron, Steel, and Other Metals (1875-1881)
Y 3.Ec 74/2 Board of Economic Warfare (1941-1943)
Y 3.F 76/4 Board of Foreign Scholarships (1946-1990)
Y 3.T 19 Board of Tax Appeals (1924-1942)
Y 3.F 77 Board on Fortifications and Other Defenses (1885-1886)
Y 3.B 65 Boston National Historic Sites Commission (1955-1960)
Y 3.Sp 2/7 Cabinet Committee on Opportunity for the Spanish Speaking Peoples (1970- 1974)
Y 3.C 33/6 Censorship Office (1941-1945)
Y 4.C 33/1 Census Committee (House)
Y 4.C 33/2 Census Committee (Senate)
Y 3.C 33/5 Census of Partial Employment, Unemployment and Occupations (1937-1938)
Y 4.C 333 Centennial of the Establishment of the Seat of Government in Washington Commission (check stem)
Y 3.C 33 Central and South American Commission (1885-1886)
Y 3.C 33/3 Central Housing Committee (1935-1942)
Y 3.N 21/17:101 Central Intelligence Agency (1947-1949)
Y 3.C 33/2 Central Statistical Board (1933-1940)
Y 3.C 33/4 Central Statistical Committee (1935-1939)
Y 4.C 49/1 Civil Service Committee (House)
Y 4.C 49/2 Civil Service Committee (Senate)
Y 3.C 49/2 Civil War Centennial Commission (1957-1966)
Y 3.C 49 Civilian Conservation Corps (1937-1939)
Y 3.C 52 Claims Commission (1871-1875)
Y 3.C 63 Coal Commission (1922-1923)
Y 3.C 63/2 Coastal Plains Regional Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.C 71 Colorado River Interstate-Government Commission (1923)
Y 3.C 72 Columbia Basin Interagency Committee (1946-1965)
Y 3.C 73/3 Combined Production and Resource Board, United States, Great Britain and Canada (1942-1945)
Y 3.C 73/2 Combined Raw Material Board, United States and Great Britain (1942-1945)
Y 4.C 73/1 Commerce Committee (House)
Y 4.C 17/2 Commission for the Extension of the United States Capitol
Y 3.C 88 Commission for the Improvement of the Federal Crop Insurance Program (1988-1990)
Y 3.M 58/2 Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development (1986-1990)
Y 4.Ad 6 Commission on Administrative Review (House)
Y 4.Ar 7 Commission on Art (Senate)
Y 3.B 22 Commission on Bankruptcy Laws of the United States (1970-1973)
Y 3.Al 16 Commission on Disposition of Alcatraz Island (1963-1965)
Y 3.Ar 1 Commission on Erection of Memorials and Entombment of Bodies in Arlington Memorial Amphitheater (1921-1925)
Y 3.Ex 3/3 Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries (1967-1989)
Y 3.C 63/3 Commission on Fair Market Value Policy for Federal Coal Leasing (1983-1984)
Y 3.P 19 Commission on Federal Paperwork (1974-1978)
Y 3.G 74/4 Commission on Government Procurement (1969-1973)
Y 3.In 2/7 Commission on Increased Industrial Use of Agricultural Products (1956-1973)
Y 3.In 2/4 Commission on Industrial Relations (1913-1916)
Y 3.In 8/15 Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure (1958)
Y 3.N 21/1 Commission on Naturalization (1905)
Y 3.Ob 7 Commission on Obscenity and Pornography (1967- 1970)
Y 3.Or 3 Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949)
Y 3.Or 3/2 Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1953-1955)
Y 3.F 76/5 Commission on Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy (1972-1974)
Y 3.P 75 Commission on Political Activity of Government Personnel (1966-1967)
Y 3.P 81 Commission on Population Growth and the American Future (1970)
Y 3.P 84/5 Commission on Postal Service (1976-1977)
Y 3.R 13/3 Commission on Railroad Retirement (1970-1972)
Y 3.R 29/2 Commission on Renovation of the Executive Mansion (1949-1952)
Y 3.G 14 Commission on Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling (1975-1976)
Y 3.Ap 4/3 Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System (1972-1973)
Y 4.Se 2 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Y 3.Se 5/2 Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Senate 
Y 3.B 47/2 Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution (1983-1991)
Y 3.P 96/5 Commission on the Conservation and Administration of the Public Domain (1930-1931)
Y 4.Se 5/5 Commission on the Operation of the Senate
Y 3.G 57 Commission on the Role of Gold in Domestic and International Monetary Systems (1981-1982)
Y 3.Uk 7 Commission on the Ukraine Famine 
Y 3.W 19/10 Commission on Wartime Relocation (1980-1983)
Y 3.M 59 Commission to Examine the Military Academy (1860)
Y 3.Ag 8/1 Commission to Investigate and Study Agricultural Credits in Europe (1913-1916)
Y 3.T 55 Commission to Investigate Purchase of American-Grown Tobacco by Foreign Governments (1912-1914)
Y 3.P 84/1 Commission to Investigate the Postal Service (1898-1901)
Y 3.D 63 Commission to Investigate Title of United States to Lands in the District of Columbia (1908-1916)
Y 3.L 44 Commission to Revise and Codify the Laws of the United States (1899-1906)
Y 3.H 81 Commission to Supervise Construction of Building for the Offices for the House of Representatives (1905)
Y 3.2 Commissions, Committees, and Boards
Y 3.P 97 Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, operating as the U.S. AbilityOne Commission (1971-1974, 1993- )
Y 3.W 58/10 Committee for the Preservation of the White House (1964- )
Y 3.B 61 Committee for the Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped (1938-1971, 1974-1993)
Y 4.Ac 2 Committee on Accounts (House)
Y 4.Ae 8 Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 8/1 Committee on Agriculture (House)
Y 4.Ag 8/2 Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 8/3 Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.Al 1/2 Committee on Alcohol Liquor Traffic (House)
Y 4.Am 3/1 Committee on American Ship-Building (House)
Y 4.Ap 6/1 Committee on Appropriations (House)
Y 4.Ap 6/2 Committee on Appropriations (Senate)
Y 4.Ar 5/2 Committee on Armed Services (House)
Y 4.Ar 5/3 Committee on Armed Services (Senate)
Y 4.B 22/1 Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs (House)
Y 4.B 22/3 Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.C 52/1 Committee on Claims (House)
Y 4.C 52/2 Committee on Claims (Senate)
Y 4.C 63 Committee on Coast and Insular Survey (Senate)
Y 4.C 66 Committee on Coinage, Weights and Measures (House)
Y 4.C 73/2 Committee on Commerce (Senate)
Y 4.C 73/7 Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (Senate)
Y 4.C 76/7 Committee on Congressional Operations (Joint)
Y 4.C 89 Committee on Cuba Relations (Senate)
Y 3.D 44 Committee on Department Methods (1903-1909)
Y 4.D 63/1 Committee on District of Columbia (House)
Y 4.D 63/2 Committee on District of Columbia (Senate)
Y 4.Ed 8/2 Committee on Education (House)
Y 4.Ed 8/3 Committee on Education and Labor (Senate)
Y 4.Ed 8/1 Committee on Education and the Workforce (House)
Y 4.El 2/2 Committee on Elections (House)
Y 4.C 73/8 Committee on Energy and Commerce (House)
Y 4.En 2/3 Committee on Energy and Commerce (House)
Y 4.En 2 Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (Senate)
Y 4.P 96/10 Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate)
Y 4.Ep 4/2 Committee on Epidemic Diseases (Senate)
Y 4.St 2/3 Committee on Ethics (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/7 Committee on Expenditures in Public Buildings (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/1 Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Agriculture (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/2 Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Commerce and Labor (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/4 Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Justice (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/13 Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/14 Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments (Senate)
Y 4.Ex 7/3 Committee on Expenditures in the Interior Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/5 Committee on Expenditures in the Navy Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/6 Committee on Expenditures in the Post-Office Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/8 Committee on Expenditures in the State Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/9 Committee on Expenditures in the Treasury Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/10 Committee on Expenditures in the War Department (House)
Y 4.F 49 Committee on Finance (Senate)
Y 4.F 49/20 Committee on Financial Services (House)
Y 4.F 53 Committee on Fisheries (Senate)
Y 4.F 65 Committee on Flood Control (House)
Y 4.F 76/1 Committee on Foreign Affairs (House)
Y 4.In 8/16 Committee on Foreign Affairs (House)
Y 4.F 76/2 Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate)
Y 4.F 76/3 Committee on Forest Reservations and Protection of Game (Senate)
Y 4.G 74/6 Committee on Government Operations (Senate)
Y 4.L 11/4 Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (Senate)
Y 4.H 75 Committee on Homeland Security (House)
Y 4.G 74/9 Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.H 81/3 Committee on House Administration
Y 4.H 88 Committee on Human Resources (Senate)
Y 4.Im 6/2 Committee on Immigration (Senate)
Y 4.Im 6/1 Committee on Immigration and Naturalization (House)
Y 4.In 2/1 Committee on Indian Affairs (House)
Y 4.In 2/2 Committee on Indian Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.In 2/11 Committee on Indian Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.In 2/4 Committee on Indian Depredations (Senate)
Y 4.In 2/9 Committee on Indian Service Investigation
Y 3.In 2/5 Committee on Industrial Analysis (1936-1937)
Y 4.In 2/7 Committee on Industrial Arts and Expositions (House)
Y 4.In 2/8 Committee on Industrial Expositions (Senate)
Y 4.In 7/1 Committee on Insular Affairs (House)
Y 4.In 8/14 Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (House)
Y 4.In 8/13 Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/15 Committee on Internal Security (House)
Y 4.In 8/1 Committee on Interoceanic Canal (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/4 Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (House)
Y 4.In 8/3 Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/5 Committee on Invalid Pensions (House)
Y 4.In 8/6 Committee on Investigation and Entrenchment (Senate)
Y 4.Ir 7/2 Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation (House)
Y 4.Ir 7/1 Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation (Senate)
Y 4.L 11 Committee on Labor (House)
Y 4.L 11/2 Committee on Labor and Public Welfare (Senate)
Y 4.M 69/2 Committee on Levies and Improvements of the Mississippi River (Senate)
Y 4.M 31/1 Committee on Manufactures (House)
Y 4.M 31/2 Committee on Manufactures (Senate)
Y 4.M 53 Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries (House)
Y 4.M 58 Committee on Mileage (House)
Y 4.M 59/1 Committee on Military Affairs (House)
Y 4.M 59/2 Committee on Military Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.M 66/1 Committee on Mines and Mining (House)
Y 4.M 66/2 Committee on Mines and Mining (Senate)
Y 4.R 31/3 Committee on Natural Resources (House)
Y 4.N 22/1 Committee on Naval Affairs (House)
Y 4.N 22/2 Committee on Naval Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.G 74/7 Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (House)
Y 4.P 11/3 Committee on Pacific Railroad (House)
Y 4.P 11/2 Committee on Pacific Railroad (Senate)
Y 4.P 38/1 Committee on Pensions (House)
Y 4.P 38/2 Committee on Pensions (Senate)
Y 4.P 84/10 Committee on Post Office and Civil Service (House)
Y 4.P 84/11 Committee on Post Office and Civil Service (Senate)
Y 4.P 93/2 Committee on Printing (House)
Y 4.P 93/3 Committee on Printing (Senate)
Y 4.P 93/5 Committee on Private Land Claims (House)
Y 4.P 93/7 Committee on Private Land Claims (Senate)
Y 4.P 93/6 Committee on Privileges and Elections (Senate)
Y 4.P 96/6 Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds (House)
Y 4.P 96/7 Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds (Senate)
Y 4.P 96/5 Committee on Public Expenditures (House)
Y 4.P 96/9 Committee on Public Health and National Quarantine (Senate)
Y 3.P 96/3 Committee on Public Information (1917-1919)
Y 4.P 96/2 Committee on Public Lands (House)
Y 4.P 96/1 Committee on Public Lands (Senate)
Y 4.P 96/11 Committee on Public Works and Transportation (House)
Y 4.R 13/2 Committee on Railroads (Senate)
Y 4.R 13 Committee on Railways and Canals (House)
Y 4.C 16 Committee on Relations with Canada (Senate)
Y 4.R 31/1 Committee on Retrenchment (Senate)
Y 4.L 44/2 Committee on Revision of Laws (House)
Y 4.R 52 Committee on Rivers and Harbors (House)
Y 4.R 53/2 Committee on Roads (House)
Y 4.R 53 Committee on Roads and Canals (Senate)
Y 4.R 86/1 Committee on Rules (House)
Y 4.R 86/2 Committee on Rules and Administration (Senate)
Y 3.R 88/3 Committee on Rural Development (1963-1966)
Y 4.Sci 2 Committee on Science, Space and Technology (House)
Y 4.Se 5 Committee on Senate Contingent Expenses
Y 4.Sm 1 Committee on Small Business (House)
Y 4.St 2 Committee on Standards, Weights and Measures (Senate)
Y 4.T 27/1 Committee on Territories (House)
Y 4.T 27/2 Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.B 85/3 Committee on the Budget (House)
Y 4.B 85/2 Committee on the Budget (Senate)
Y 4.T 61 Committee on the Causes of Reduction of American Tonnage
Y 4.N 21/1 Committee on the Conservation of National Resources (Senate)
Y 4.Ex 3/2 Committee on the Disposition of Executive Papers (House)
Y 4.El 2/1 Committee on the Election of the President, Vice-President and Representatives (House)
Y 4.J 89/1 Committee on the Judiciary (House)
Y 4.J 89/2 Committee on the Judiciary (Senate)
Y 4.L 61/1 Committee on the Library (House)
Y 4.L 61/3 Committee on the Library (Senate)
Y 4.P 11/1 Committee on the Pacific Islands and Porto Rico (Senate)
Y 4.P 53 Committee on the Philippines (Senate)
Y 4.P 84/1 Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads (House)
Y 4.P 84/2 Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads (Senate)
Y 4.T 68/2     Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (House)
Y 4.V 56 Committee on Ventilation and Acoustics (House)
Y 4.V 64/3 Committee on Veterans' Affairs (House)
Y 4.V 64/4 Committee on Veterans' Affairs (Senate)
Y4.W 19 Committee on War Claims (House)
Y 4.W 29 Committee on Water Power
Y 4.W 36 Committee on Ways and Means (House)
Y 4.W 89 Committee on World War Veterans Legislation (House)
Y 4.Se 5/3 Committee to Audit and Control Senate Contingent Expenses
Y 4.L 89 Committee to Investigate the Election of William Lorimer (Senate)
Y 4.Un 3/2 Committee to Investigate the United States Steel Corporation (House)
Y 3.C 73 Commodity Credit Corporation (1933-1939)
Y 3.C 73/5 Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1974- )
Y 3.C 73/6 Competitiveness Policy Council (1991-1996)
Y 4.C 76/1 Conference Committees (House and Senate)
Y 4.M 28 Congressional Mailing Standards Commission (House)
Y 4.C 44 Congressional-Executive Commission on China (2000- )
Y 3.C 76 Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Commission (1974-1978)
Y 3.C 76/3 Consumer Product Safety Commission (1972- )
Y 3.C 78/2 Cooperative Enterprise in Europe Committee (1936- 1937)
Y 3.C 78 Coordinator for Industrial Cooperation (1935-1937)
Y 3.C 78/3 Coordinator for Information (1941-1942)
Y 3.N 21/29 Corporation for National and Community Service (1993- ); Senior Corps (1993- )
Y 3.C 82 Cost Accounting Standards Board (1970-1981)
Y 3.C 83 Council of National Defense (1916-1918)
Y 3.C 831 Council of National Defense Advisory Commission (1940- 1941)
Y 3.M 46/2 Council on Graduate Medical Education (1987-1996)
Y 3.D 36/2 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (1991-1995)
Y 3.D 36 Defense Manpower Commission (1973-1976)
Y 3.D 36/3 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (1988- )
Y 3.D 37/2 Delaware River Basin Commission (1961- )
Y 4.D 39 Democratic Policy Committee
Y 3.D 49 Development Loan Fund (1958-1961)
Y 3.D 63/2 Displaced Persons Commission (1948-1952)
Y 3.T 67 East-West Foreign Trade board (1975-1981)
Y 3.Ec 74/3 Economic Cooperation Administration (1948-1951)
Y 3.Ec 74 Economic Security Committee (1934-1936)
Y 3.Ec 7 Economy and Efficiency Commission (1910-1913)
Y 3.Ei 4 Eight Hour Commission (1916-1917)
Y 3.El 2/5 Election Assistance Commission (2002- )
Y 3.El 2 Electoral Commission of 1877 (1877)
Y 3.El 2/2 Electric Home and Farm Authority (1933-1939)
Y 3.Em 3 Emergency Conservation Work (1933-1937)
Y 3.Em 3/2 Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (1972-?)
Y 3.Em 7 Employer’s Liability and Workman’s Compensation Commission (1910-1912)
Y 3.Eq 2 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1965- )
Y 3.Er 4 Ericsson Memorial Commission (1918)
Y 3.Ex 3/2 Executive Council (1933-1934)
Y 3.Ex 7/3 Export-Import Bank of the United States (1968- )
Y 3.Ex 7 Exports Control Committee (1918-1919)
Y 3.F 22/2 Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (1987- )
Y 3.F 22 Farm Tenancy Special Committee (1937)
Y 3.F 31/10 Federal Alcohol Control Administration (1933-1935)
Y 3.Su 7 Federal Board of Surveys and Maps (1936-1942)
Y 3.F 31/7 Federal Civil Works Administration (1933-1934)
Y 3.F 31/12 Federal Committee on Apprentice Training (1934-1937)
Y 3.F 31/22 Federal Committee on Ecological Reserves (1974-1979)
Y 3.F 31/18 Federal Committee on Pest Control (1964-1971)
Y 3.F 31/19 Federal Committee on Research Natural Areas (1966-1974)
Y 3.F 31/6 Federal Coordinator of Transportation (1933-1936)
Y 3.F 31/16 Federal Council for Science and Technology (1959- 1963)
Y 3.F 31/15 Federal Council on Aging (1956-1962)
Y 3.F 31/8 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1933- )
Y 3.An 4 Federal Development Planning Committee for Appalachia (1964-1965)
Y 3.El 2/3 Federal Election Commission (1974- )
Y 3.F 31 Federal Electric Railways Commission (1919-1920)
Y 3.F 31/4 Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (1933-1939)
Y 3.F 31/5 Federal Emergency Relief Administration (1933-1938)
Y 3.F 31/20 Federal Executive Boards (1961- )
Y 3.Al 1s/4 Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska (1964-1965)
Y 3.F 49 Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (1979- )
Y 3.F 31/2 Federal Fuel Distributor (1922-1923)
Y 3.H 71 Federal Holiday Commission (1990-1996)
Y 3.F 31/3 Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1932-1939)
Y 3.F 31/11 Federal Housing Administration (1934-1939)]
Y 3.Ed 8 Federal Interagency Committee on Education (1964-1975)
Y 3.F 31/14 Federal Inter-Agency Committee on Recreation (1946-?)
Y 3.F 31/24 Federal Interagency Committee on the International Year of Disabled Persons (1979-1982)
Y 3.C 49/5 Federal Interagency Council on Citizen Participation (1977-?)
Y 3.L 61/2 Federal Interagency Field Librarians Workshop (1972-1974)
Y 3.F 31/13 Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee (1939- 1954)
Y 3.F 31/21-3 Federal Labor Relations Authority (1979- )
Y 3.F 31/21 Federal Labor Relations Council (1969-1979)
Y 3.M 66 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (1978- )
Y 3.F 31/17 Federal Radiation Council (1959-1970)
Y 3.Al 1s/3 Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska (1964)
Y 3.F 31/25 Federal Retirement Thrift Investigation Board (1986- )
Y 3.F 31/21-2 Federal Service Impasses Panel (1969- )
Y 3.F 31/9 Federal Surplus Relief Corporation (1933-1935)
Y 3.P 43 Federal working Group on Pest Management (1974-1981)
Y 3.F 49/2 Financial Literacy and Education Commission (2003- )
Y 3.F 73 Food Administration (1917-1920)
Y 3.F 76/3 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States (1954- 1980)
Y 3.F 76/2 Foreign Economic Policy Commission (1953-1954)
Y 3.F 82 Four Corners Regional Commission (1965-1981)
Y 3.R 67 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission (1955-1997)
Y 3.F 95 Fuel Administration (1917-1919)
Y 3.G 29 George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission (1928-1939)
Y 3.W 27/2 George Washington Bicentennial Commission (1924- 1932)
Y 3.G 74/3 Government Activities Affecting Prices and Costs Committee (1959-1961)
Y 3.G 74 Government Patents Board (1950-1961)
Y 3.G 74/2 Government Security Commission (1955-1957)
Y 3.G 75 Grades and Salaries Committee (1907-1908)
Y 3.G 76 Grant Memorial Commission (1913)
Y 3.G 79/3 Great Lakes Basin Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.G 79/2 Great Plains Committee (1936)
Y 3.G 79 Great Plains Drought Area Committee (1936)
Y 3.G 95 Gun Foundry Board (1883-1884)
Y 3.H 31 Hawaiian Commission (1898-1899)
Y 3.H 75 Homes Commission (1908); Interagency Council on the Homeless (1987- )
Y 3.H 86 Hudson-Champlain Celebration Commission (1958-1959)
Y 3.Im 6 Immigration Commission (1907-1910)
Y 3.In 2/6 Indian Claims Commission (1946-1978)
Y 3.In 2/1 Indian Currency Commission (Great Britain) (1893)
Y 3.In 2/2 Industrial Commission (1899-1902)
Y 4.In 3 Information and Facilities Commission (House)
Y 4.G 56 Inquiry Commission on Gold and Silver (Senate)
Y 3.C 56 Interagency Classification Review Committee (1976-1978)
Y 3.In 8/11 Interagency Committee on Agricultural Surplus Disposal (1954-1956)
Y 3.In 8/16 Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing (1960)
Y 3.In 8/22 Interagency Committee on Export Expansion (1963-1973)
Y 3.In 8/26 Interagency Committee on Intermodal Cargo (1978-?)
Y 3.In 8/20 Interagency Committee on International Athletics (1963)
Y 3.In 8/23 Interagency Committee on Mexican American Affairs (1967-1969)
Y 3.C 49/4 Interagency Committee on Uniform Civil Rights Policies and Practices (1974)
Y 3.In 8/8 Interagency Committee on Water Resources (1954- 1956)
Y 3.L 22 Interagency Land Acquisition Conference (1971-?)
Y 3.C 43/4 Interagency Panel on Early Childhood Research and Development
Y 3.R 11 Interagency Racial Data Committee (1970)
Y 3.R 26/2 Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group (1977-1981)
Y 3.In 8/31 Interagency Task Force on Acid Precipitation (1980-?)
Y 3.M 85 Interagency Task Force on Motor Vehicle Goals Beyond 1980 (1975-1976)
Y 3.In 8/29 Interagency Task Force on Small Business Finance (?-1982)
Y 3.In 8/25 Inter-American Foundation (1969- )
Y 3.W 74 Inter-Departmental Board on Wireless Telegraphy (1904)
Y 3.In 8/10 Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States (1954-1957)
Y 3.In 8/6 Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth (1948-1973)
Y 3.In 8/14 Interdepartmental Committee on Civilian Compensation (1958)
Y 3.In 8/9 Interdepartmental Committee on narcotics (1951-1970)
Y 3.In 8/13 Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense (1954)
Y 3.In 8/12 Interdepartmental Committee on Radiation Preservation of Food (1956)
Y 3.In 8/4 Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific Research and Development (1947-1959)
Y 3.In 8/21 Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women (1963- 1978)
Y 3.In 8/17 Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Federal Urban Area Assistance Programs (1959)
Y 3.In 8/3 Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Health and Welfare Activities (1935-1939)
Y 3.J 98 Interdepartmental Council to Coordinate All Federal Juvenile Delinquency Programs (1973-?)
Y 3.In 8/19 Interdepartmental Federal Tort Claims Committee (1960)
Y 3.In 8/18 Interdepartmental Highway Safety Board (1960-1970)
Y 3.In 8/2 Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board (1918-1923)
Y 3.Ed 8/9 Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education (1980-1981)
Y 3.In 8/7     Intergovernmental Relations Commission (1953-1955)
Y 3.C 73/4 Interim Compliance Panel (1972)
Y 3.In 8/5 International Development Advisory Board (1950-1955)
Y 3.In 8 International Exchange Commission (1903-1904)
Y 3.In 8/28 International Joint Commission United States and Canada (1911- )
Y 3.In 8/29-2 Interparliamentary Union, United States Group (verify stem; 8/30?)
Y 3.In 8/24 Interstate commission on the Potomac River Basin (1976- )
Y 3.Is 7 Isthmian Canal Commission (1899-1902)
Y 3.M 26 James Madison Memorial Commission (1960-1972)
Y 3.J 23 Jamestown-Williamsburg-Yorktown Celebration Commission (1953)
Y 3.J 27 Japan-United States Friendship Commission (1975- )
Y 3.M 35 John Marshall Bicentennial Celebration Commission (1954-1955)
Y 3.Ag 8/2 Joint Commission of Agricultural Inquiry (1921-1922)
Y 3.Ai 7/2 Joint Commission on Airports (1929-1930)
Y 3.P 74 Joint Commission on Government Purchases of Pneumatic Tubes (1912-1914)
Y 3.Ex 3 Joint Commission on Laws Organizing Executive Departments (1893-1894)
Y 3.C 17 Joint Commission on Plans for Extension and Completion of the Capitol Building (1904)
Y 3.P 74/2 Joint Commission on Pneumatic Tube Mail Service (1917)
Y 4.P 84/5 Joint Commission on Postal Salaries
Y 3.C 66 Joint Commission on the Coinage (1965-1975)
Y 3.P 84/3 Joint Commission on the Postal Service (1920)
Y 4.R 24/2 Joint Commission on the Reclassification of Salaries
Y 3.Si 2 Joint Commission to Consider the Present Organization of the Signal Service, Geological Survey, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and Hydrographic Office (1886)
Y 3.In 2/3 Joint Commission to Investigate Indian Affairs (1914-1915)
Y 4.P 31 Joint Committee Investigating the Pearl Harbor Attack
Y 4.At 7/2 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Y 4.T 23 Joint Committee on Centennial of the Telegraph
Y 4.D 36 Joint Committee on Defense Production
Y 4.F 31 Joint Committee on Federal Aid in the Construction of Post Roads
Y 4.F 76/4 Joint Committee on Forestry
Y 4.G 74/4 Joint Committee on Government Organization
Y 4.H 31 Joint Committee on Hawaii
Y 4.H 81/4 Joint Committee on Housing
Y 4.In 8/11 Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation
Y 4.L 11/3 Joint Committee on Labor Management Relations
Y 4.W 27/2 Joint Committee on Metropolitan Washington Problems
Y 4.M 97 Joint Committee on Muscle Shoals
Y 4.N 22/3 Joint Committee on Naval Affairs
Y 4.P 93/1 Joint Committee on Printing
Y 4.R 13/3 Joint Committee on Railroad Retirement Legislation
Y 4.R 24/1 Joint Committee on Reconstruction
Y 4.R 24/4 Joint Committee on Reduction of Federal Expenditures
Y 4.R 88 Joint Committee on Rural Credits
Y 4.Sh 8 Joint Committee on Short Time Record Credits
Y 4.T 19 Joint Committee on Tax Evasion and Avoidance
Y 4.T 19/4 Joint Committee on Taxation
Y 4.B 47 Joint Committee on the Arrangements for the Commemoration of the Bicentennial
Y 4.C 75 Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War
Y 4.C 76/5 Joint Committee on the Construction of the Building for the Museum of History and Technology for Smithsonian Institution
Y 4.C 43 Joint Committee on the Dedication of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
Y 4.D 63/5 Joint Committee on the Fiscal Relations between the District of Columbia and the United States
Y 4.N 81 Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Northern Pacific Railroad Land Grants
Y 4.T 25 Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority
Y 4.L 52 Joint Committee on the Legislative Budget
Y 4.L 61/2 Joint Committee on the Library of Congress
Y 4.C 76/3 Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress
Y 4.P 11/4 Joint Committee on the Pacific Coast Naval Bases
Y 4.P 84/4 Joint Committee on the Postage on Second Class Matter and the Compensation for Transportation of Mails
Y 4.R 29 Joint Committee on the Reorganization of the Administrative Branch of Government
Y 4.V 64/2 Joint Committee on Veterans Affairs
Y 4.F 31/2 Joint Committee to Determine What Employment May Be Furnished to Federal Prisoners
Y 4.D 62 Joint Committee to Investigate Dirigible Disasters
Y 4.P 56 Joint Committee to Investigate the Adequacy and Use of Phosphate Resources of the United States
Y 4.P 21 Joint Committee to Investigate the General Parcel Post
Y 4.In 8/8 Joint Committee to Investigate the Interior Department and Forestry Service
Y 4.Ec 7 Joint Economic Committee
Y 3.J 66 Joint Publications Research Service (1949-1979)
Y 3.J 66/2 Joint Research and Development Board (1946-1947)
Y 4.Al 1/1 Joint Select Committee on Alcohol in Manufactures and Arts
Y 4.Or 2/3 Joint Select Committee on Ordnance
Y 4.R 31/2 Joint Select Committee on Retrenchment
Y 4.C 76/2 Joint Select Committee on the Importation of Contract Laborers, Convicts, and Paupers
Y 4.N 42/3 Joint Select Committee on the Newburg, N.Y. Monument and Centennial Celebration of 1883
Y 4.In 7/2 Joint Select Committee to Inquire into Affairs in the Insurrectionary States
Y 4.D 63/3 Joint Select Committee to Investigate District of Columbia Charities
Y 4.In 2/3 Joint Special Committee on Indian Bureau
Y 4.In 2/6 Joint Special Committee on the Conditions of the Indian Tribes
Y 4.B 85 Joint Study Committee on Budget Control
Y 4.In 8/9 Joint Subcommittee on Interstate Commerce
Y 3.L 52 Legal Services Corporation (1974- )
Y 3.L 58 Lewis and Clark Trail Commission (1964-1969)
Y 3.L 63 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission (1957-1960)
Y 3.L 71 Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) (1991- )
Y 3.L 95 Lowell Historic Canal District Commission (1975-1977)
Y 3.M 33/2 Marihuana and Drug Abuse Commission (1970-?)
Y 3.M 33/3 Marine Mammal Commission (1972- )
Y 3.M 33 Maritime Advisory Committee (1964-1968)
Y 3.M 53 Mediation Commission (1917-1918)
Y 3.M 46/4 Medicaid and CHIP Payment Access Commission (MACPAC) (2010- )
Y 3.M 46/3 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (1997- )
Y 3.M 53/2 Merchant Marine and Defense Commission
Y 3.M 53 Merchant Marine Commission (1904-1905)
Y 3.M 58 Migratory Bird Conservation Commission (1929- )
Y 4.M 59/3 Militia Committee (House)
Y 3.M 66/2 Minimum Wage Study Commission (1977-1981)
Y 3.M 69 Missouri Basin Inter-Agency Committee (1945-1972)
Y 3.M 69/2 Missouri River Basin Commission (1972-1981)
Y 3.M 74 Monetary Commission (1876)
Y 3.M 74/2 Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission (1987-1989)
Y 3.M 84 Mortgage Interest Rates Commission (1968-1969)
Y 3.M 85/2 Motor Carrier Ratemaking Study Commission (1980-1983)
Y 3.M 97 Muscle Shoals Commission (1931)
Y 3.N 21/28 National Academy of Public Administration
Y 3.B 49 National Advisory and Coordinating Council on Bilingual Education (1968-1988)
Y 3.C 86 National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals (1971-1973)
Y 3.N 21/5 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1915- 1958)
Y 3.Oc 2 National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere (1971-1986)
Y 3.Se 5/3 National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (1988-1992)
Y 3.D 84 National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse Prevention (1972-1975)
Y 3.Ed 8/4 National Advisory Council on Adult Education (1974-1988)
Y 3.C 43/2 National Advisory Council on Child Nutrition (1971-1989)
Y 3.Ed 8/8 National Advisory Council on Continuing Education (1965-1987)
Y 3.Ex 8 National Advisory Council on Continuing Education (1965-1987)
Y 3.Ec 7/2 National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity (1964- 1981)
Y 3.Ed 8/2 National Advisory Council on Education of Disadvantaged Children (1965- 1982)
Y 3.Ed 8/3 National Advisory Council on Education Professions Development (1967-1976)
Y 3.Ed 8/7 National Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity (1972-1979)
Y 3.In 2/10 National Advisory Council on Indian Education (1965- )
Y 3.N 21/16 National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies (1966- )
Y 3.V 85 National Advisory Council on Vocational Education (1968-1991)
Y 3.W 84/2 National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Program (1977-1988)
Y 3.Al 1/2 National Alcohol Fuels Commission (1978-1981)
Y 3.N 21/27 National Business Council for Consumer Affairs (1971- 1973)
Y 3.N 21/20 National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission (1947-1952)
Y 3.N 21/21 National Capital Transportation Agency (1960-1967)
Y 3.P 94 National Center for Productivity and Quality of Working Life (1977- 1978)
Y 3.N 21/4 National Coast-Defense Board (1905-1906)
Y 3.Em 7/3 National Commission for Employment Policy (1978-1998)
Y 3.In 2/11 National Commission for Industrial Peace (1973-1974)
Y 3.M 31 National Commission for Manpower Policy (1973- 1978)
Y 3.W 74/2 National Commission for Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance (1968)
Y 3.P 81/2 National Commission for the Observation of World Population Year (1974)
Y 3.H 88 National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1974-1978)
Y 3.T 22 National Commission of Technology, Automation, and Economic Proress (1964-1966)
Y 3.Ai 7/5 National Commission on Air Quality (1977-1980)
Y 3.Ar 7 National Commission on Arthritis and Related Musculoskeletal Diseases (1975-1976)
Y 3.C 43/5 National Commission on Children (1987-1991)
Y 3.C 76/2 National Commission on Consumer Finance (1968-1972)
Y 3.D 14 National Commission on Dairy Policy 
Y 3.El 2/4 National Commission on Electronic Fund Transfers (1974-1977)
Y 3.Em 7/2 National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics (1978-1980)
Y 3.F 32 National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement (1990-1993)
Y 3.Ed 8/5 National Commission on Financing of Postsecondary Education (1973-1974)
Y 3.F 51 National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control (1968-1973)
Y 3.N 21/22 National Commission on Food Marketing (1964)
Y 3.N 21/7 National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement (1929- 1931)
Y 3.L 61 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (1970-2008)
Y 3.M 41 National Commission on Materials Policy (1970-1973)
Y 3.M 58/3 National Commission on Migrant Education 
Y 3.N 31 National Commission on Neighborhoods (1977-1979)
Y 3.C 79 National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (1974- 1978)
Y 3.N 21/25 National Commission on Product Safety (1967-1970)
Y 3.N 21/26 National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws (1966- 1971)
Y 3.Ed 8/11 National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education (1989)
Y 3.P 96/9 National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing (1989-1993)
Y 3.So 1 National Commission on Social Security (1977-1981)
Y 3.Sp 1 National Commission on Space (1984-1986)
Y 3.W 89/3 National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws (1970-1972)
Y 3.St 9 National Commission on Student Financial Assistance (1980-?)
Y 3.Su 7/3 National Commission on Superconductivity
Y 3.Su 7/2 National Commission on Supplies and Shortages (1974- 1977)
Y 3.W 84 National Commission on the Observance of International Woman's Year, 1975 (1975- 1978)
Y 3.Un 2 National Commission on Unemployment Compensation (1976- 1980)
Y 3.W 29/2 National Commission on Water Quality (1972)
Y 3.D 63/3 National Council on Disability (1978- )
Y 3.In 2/9 National Council on Indian Opportunity (1968-1974)
Y 3.P 96/8 National Council on Public Works Improvement (1984-1988)
Y 3.H 19 National Council on the Handicapped (1984-1988)
Y 3.C 86/2 National Critical Materials Council (1984-1991)
Y 3.D 84/2 National Drug Policy Board (1985-1988)
Y 3.Ec 7/3 National Economic Commission (1987-1989)
Y 3.Ed 8/10 National Education Goals Panel 
Y 3.N 21/9 National Emergency Council (1933-1939)
Y 3.N 21/6 National Forest Reservation Commission (1911-1976)
Y 3.In 2/8 National Industrial Pollution Control Council (1970-1973)
Y 3.N 21/15 National Interregional Highway Committee (1941-1944)
Y 3.N 21/10 National Labor Board (1933-1934)
Y 3.N 21/13 National Labor Relations Board (1934-1935)
Y 3.N 21/2 National Monetary Commission (1908-1912)
Y 3.N 16 National Narcotics Intelligence Consumers Committee (1978-?)
Y 3.N 95 National Nutrition Monitoring Advisory Council (1991-2002)
Y 3.Oc 1/2 National Occupational Information Coordination Committee (1976-2000)
Y 3.N 21/8 National Recovery Administration (1933-1935)
Y 3.N 21/11 National Recovery Review Board (1934)
Y 3.N 21/12 National Resources Committee (1935-1939)
Y 4.Se 2/1 National Security Committee (House)
Y 3.N 21/17 National Security Council (1947-1949)
Y 3.N 21/18 National Security Resources Board (1947-1949)
Y 3.N 21/19 National Security Training Commission (1951-1957)
Y 3.R 24/2 National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials (1974-1976)
Y 3.T 64 National Tourism Resources Review Commission (1971-1973)
Y 3.T 68/2 National Transportation Policy Study Commission (1976-1979)
Y 3.N 21/23 National Visitor Facilities Advisory Commission (1968-1975)
Y 3.N 21/24 National Water Commission (1968-1973)
Y 3.N 21/3 National Waterways Commission (1909-1911)
Y 3.W 84/4 National Women’s Business Council (1988- )
Y 3.N 21/14 National Youth Administration (1935-1939)
Y 3.H 31/2 Native Hawaiians Study Commission (1980-1983)
Y 3.N 22 Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission 
Y 3.N 27 Near East Relief (1920)
Y 3.N 42/2 New England Regional Commission (1965-1981)
Y 3.N 42/3 New England River Basins Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.N 42 New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commission (1960)
Y 3.N 51 Nicaragua Canal Commission (1897-1899)
Y 3.En 8 North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (1994- )
Y 3.N 81/3 North Atlantic Regional Water Resources Study Coordinating Committee (1965-?)
Y 3.N 81/2 North Carolina Tercentenary Celebration Commission (1935-1938)
Y 3.N 81/4 Northern Great Plains Resources Program
Y 3.N 81/6 Northern Mariana Islands Commission (1976-1985)
Y 3.N 81/5 Northwest Federal Regional Council (1977-?)
Y 3.N 81/7 Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Y 3.N 81/8 Northwest Power and Conservation Council (1980- )
Y 3.N 81 Northwest Territory Celebration Commission (1935-1939)
Y 3.N 88 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1975- )
Y 3.N 88/2 Nuclear Waste Technical Review board (1989- )
Y 3.Oc 1 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (1970- )
Y 3.Al 4 Office of Alien Property Custodian (1917-1934)
Y 3.W 19/7: 101 Office of Contract Settlement (1944-1947)
Y 3.Ec 74/2: 101 Office of Exports (1942-1943)
Y 3.Et 3 Office of Government Ethics (1978- )
Y 3.C 83/3 Office of Special Counsel
Y 3.T 22/2 Office of Technology Assessment (1972-1995)
Y 3.Ex 7/2 Office of the Administrator of Export Control (1940-1941)
Y 3.In 8/27 Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (1979-1992)
Y 3.F 31/23 Office of the Federal Inspector, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (1979-1992)
Y 3.H 81/2 Office of the Housing Expediter (1947-1951)
Y 3.C 83/2 Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (2001- )
Y 3.W 19/7 Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion (1944- 1946)
Y 3.Ol 1 Old West Regional Action Planning Commission (1965- 1981)
Y 3.Ou 8 Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (1958-1962)
Y 3.Oz 1 Ozarks Regional Commission (1966-1981)
Y 3.P 11/5 Pacific Northwest Regional Commission (1976-1981)
Y 3.P 11/4 Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.P 11 Pacific Railway Commission (1887)
Y 3.P 11/3 Pacific Southwest Federal Interagency Technical Committee (?-1955)
Y 3.P 11/2 Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee (1955)
Y 3.P 19/2 Panama Canal Commission (1979-1999)
Y 4.P 27/1 Patents Committee (House)
Y 4.P 27/2 Patents Committee (Senate)
Y 3.P 38 Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (1972- 1996)
Y 3.P 38/2 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (1974- )
Y 3.H 73 Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise (1955- )
Y 4.In 8/18 Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (House)
Y 3.P 44 Petroleum Administration for War (1942-1946)
Y 3.P 53 Philippine Commission (1899-1900)
Y 3.P 53/2 Philippine War Damage Commission (1946-1951)
Y 3.P 56 Physician Payment Review Commission (1986-1997)
Y 3.P 83 Porto Rico Laws Commission (1901)
Y 3.P 84/2 Postal Commission (1906-1907)
Y 3.P 84/4 Postal Regulatory Commission (1970- )
Y 3.P 92/3 President’s Committee on Administrative Management (1936-1937)
Y 3.P 92/4 President’s Committee on Civil Service Improvement (1939-1941)
Y 3.P 92/2 President’s Committee on Crop Insurance (1936)
Y 3.P 92/5 President’s Committee on Religious and Moral Welfare and President’s Committee on Religion and Welfare in the Armed Forces (1949-1951)
Y 3.P 92 President’s Organization on Unemployment Relief (1931-1932(
Y 3.P 92/6 Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents (1988-1991)
Y 3.P 93/4 Price Commission (1971-1973)
Y 3.P 93 Printing Investigation Commission (1905-1907)
Y 3.P 93/2 Priority in Transportation Commissioner (1917)
Y 3.P 93/3 Prison Industries Reorganization Administration (1935-1940)
Y 3.P 93/5 Privacy Protection Study Commission (1974)
Y 3.P 29 Prospective Payment Assessment Commission (1983-1997)
Y 3.P 96/4 Public Buildings Commission (1919-1933)
Y 3.P 96/1 Public Land Commission (1879-1880)
Y 3.P 96/7 Public Land Law Review Commission (1964-1970)
Y 3.P 96/2 Public Lands Commission (1903-1905)
Y 3.P 96/6 Publications Board (1945)
Y 3.R 13/2 Railroad Administration (1918-1939)
Y 3.R 13 Railroad Securities Commission (1910-1911)
Y 3.R 24 Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932-1939, 1947-1954)
Y 3.R 26 Regulatory Council
Y 3.R 29 Rent Commission of District of Columbia (1919-1925)
Y 3.R 31 Resettlement Administration (1935-1937)
Y 3.R 31/2 Resolution Trust Corporation (1989-1995)
Y 3.R 32 Revision of Statutes Commission (1872-1873)
Y 3.R 82 Rubber Producing Facilities Disposal Commission (1953-1956)
Y 3.R 88/2 Rural Development Program Committee (1954-1963)
Y 3.R 88 Rural Electrification Administration (1935-1939)
Y 3.Sa 2/2 Saint Augustine Quadricentennial Commission (1962)
Y 3.Sa 2 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1954- 1966)
Y 3.Sa 5 Santo Domingo Commission (1871)
Y 3.Al 1 Second Court of Commissioners of Alabama Claims (1882-1885)
Y 4.Se 4/1 Select and Special Committees (House)
Y 4.Se 4/2 Select and Special Committees (Senate)
Y 3.Im 6/2 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1978- 1980)
Y 3.W 52 Select Commission on Western Hemisphere Immigration (1965)
Y 4.H 28 Select Committee Appointed to Investigate the Memorial of Davis Hatch
Y 4.Ex7/12 Select Committee Investigating the Expenditures in the Senatorial Primary and General Elections (Senate)
Y 4.N 21/5 Select Committee Investigating the National Defense Migration (House)
Y 4.N 21/6 Select Committee Investigating the National Defense Program (Senate)
Y 4.F 58 Select Committee of Five (House)
Y 4.Ai 7 Select Committee of Inquiry into Operations of Air Services (House)
Y .In 2/5 Select Committee on Affairs in the Indian Territory (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 4/2 Select Committee on Aging (House)
Y 4.P 96/4 Select Committee on Appropriations for the Prevention of Fraud in and Depreciations upon Public Service
Y 4.As 7 Select Committee on Assassinations (House)
Y 4.As 8 Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration (House)
Y 4.C 43/2 Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (House)
Y 4.C 73/6 Select Committee on Committees (House) (not in andriot)
Y 4.C 73/5 Select Committee on Communist Aggression (House)
Y 4.C 76/9 Select Committee on Congressional Operations (House)
Y 4.C 76/4 Select Committee on Contribution Investigation (Senate)
Y 4.C 86/3 Select Committee on Crime (House)
Y 4.C 88 Select Committee on Crop Insurance (Senate)
Y 4.P 82 Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials (House)
Y 4.Eq 2 Select Committee on Equal Education Opportunities (Senate)
Y 4.Et 3/1 Select Committee on Ether Discovery (House)
Y 4.Et 3/2 Select Committee on Ether Discovery (Senate)
Y 4.Et 3/3 Select Committee on Ethics (House)
Y 4.Et 3/4 Select Committee on Ethics (Senate)
Y 4.Ex 7/11 Select Committee on Expenditures in the War Department (House)
Y 4.Ex 7/15 Select Committee on Export Control (House)
Y 4.B 22/2 Select Committee on Failed National Banks
Y 4.F 76/5 Select Committee on Foreign Aid (House)
Y 4.G 74/3 Select Committee on Government Organization (House)
Y 4.G 74/5 Select Committee on Government Organization (Senate)
Y 4.G 74/8 Select Committee on Government Research (Senate)
Y 4.H 12 Select Committee on Haiti and Santo Domingo (Senate)
Y 4.Or 2/1 Select Committee on Heavy and Projectiles Ordnance (Senate)
Y 4.H 81 Select Committee on House Rooms Distribution (House)
Y 4.H 89 Select Committee on Hunger (Senate)
Y 4.Im 7 Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor or Management Field (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/19 Select Committee on Intelligence (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/7 Select Committee on Internal Improvements (House)
Y 4.In 8/2 Select Committee on Internal Revenue Frauds (House)
Y 4.Ou 8 Select Committee on Investigation of the Alleged Outrages in the Southern States (Senate)
Y 4.At 8 Select Committee on Investigation of the Attorney General (Senate)
Y 4.L 78 Select Committee on Lobby Investigation
Y 4.L 78/3 Select Committee on Lobbying Activities (House)
Y 4.M 69/3 Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia (House)
Y 4.N 16 Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control (House)
Y 4.N 21/8 Select Committee on National Water Resources (Senate)
Y 4.N 42/1 Select Committee on New Orleans Riots (House)
Y 4.N 95 Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Senate)
Y 4.Or 2/2 Select Committee on Ordnance and Warships (Senate)
Y 4.P 81 Select Committee on Population (House)
Y 4.P 84/6 Select Committee on Post Office Leases (Senate)
Y 4.P 84/8 Select Committee on Post-War Military Policy (House)
Y 4.P 93/8 Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.P 92/4 Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (Senate)(
Y 4.M 57 Select Committee on Proceedings of the Board of Commissioners on Claims against Mexico (Senate)
Y 4.Sp 6 Select Committee on Professional Sports (House)
Y 4.P 96/8 Select Committee on Public Health (House)
Y 4.P 96/3 Select Committee on Pulp and Paper Investigations
Y 4.R 24/3 Select Committee on Reconstruction and Production (Senate)
Y 4.R 25 Select Committee on Reforestation (Senate)
Y 4.Se 5/2 Select Committee on Senatorial Campaign Expenditures
Y 4.Sh 6/3 Select Committee on Shipping Board Operations (House)
Y 4.Si 1 Select Committee on Sickness and Mortality on Emigrant Ships (Senate)
Y 4.Sm 1/2 Select Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Senate)
Y 4.St 2/2 Select Committee on Standards and Conduct (Senate)
Y 4.Su 7/2 Select Committee on Survivors Benefits (House)
Y 4.N 42/2 Select Committee on the Alleged New York Election Frauds (House)
Y 4.B 86/1 Select Committee on the Budget (House)
Y 4.B 86/2 Select Committee on the Budget (Senate)
Y 4.W 64/2 Select Committee on the Conservation of Wildlife Resources (House)
Y 4.H 23 Select Committee on the Harpers Ferry Invasion (Senate)
Y 4.H 81/6 Select Committee on the House Restaurant (House)
Y 4.W 56 Select Committee on the Investigation of Charges against Burton K. Wheeler (Senate)
Y 4.L 62 Select Committee on the Investigation of Charges Made by George L. Lilley (House)
Y 4.Ex 3/3 Select Committee on the Investigation of Executive Agencies of the Government (Senate)
Y 4.C 49/3 Select Committee on the Investigation of Illegal Appointments and Dismissals in the Civil Service (Senate)
Y 4.Or 2/4 Select Committee on the Investigation of Ordnance and Ammunition (House)
Y 4.R 22/3 Select Committee on the Investigation of Real Estate Bondholders’ Reorganizations (House)
Y 4.G 74/2 Select Committee on the Investigation of the Government Printing Office (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/10 Select Committee on the Investigation of the Internal Revenue Bureau (Senate)
Y 4.T 17 Select Committee on the Investigation of the Tariff Commission (Senate)
Y 4.N 62 Select Committee on the Nine Foot Channel from the Great Lakes to the Gulf
Y 4.Ep 4/1 Select Committee on the Origin, Introduction and Prevention of Epidemic Diseases (House)
Y 4.P 38/3 Select Committee on the Payment of Pensions, Bounty, and Back Pay
Y 4.P 84/3 Select Committee on the Relations of the Members with the Post Office Departments (House)
Y 4.Sh 6/4 Select Committee on the Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation (House)
Y 4.W 45 Select Committee on the Welfare and Education of Congressional Pages (House)
Y 4.T 68 Select Committee on Transportation Routes to Seaboard
Y 4.Un 1/2 Select Committee on Un-American Activities (House)
Y 4.Un 2 Select Committee on Unemployment Insurance (Senate)
Y 4.W 84 Select Committee on Woman Suffrage (Senate)
Y 4.H 81/5 Select Committee Pursuant to House Resolution 1
Y 4.W 58 Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Financial Position of the White County Bridge Commission (House)
Y 4.K 15 Select Committee to Conduct the Investigation of Facts, Evidence and Circumstances of the Katyn Forest Massacre (House)
Y 4.N 21/7 Select Committee to Conduct the Study and Survey of the National Defense Program in Its Relation to Small Business (House)
Y 4.Un 3/1 Select Committee to Establish University of the United States (Senate)
Y 4.M 69/1 Select Committee to Inquire into Alleged Frauds in Recent Elections in Mississippi (Senate)
Y 4.C 81/1 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Corrupt Combinations of Members of Congress (House)
Y 4.C 81/2 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Corruptions in Government (House)
Y 4.C 86 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Credit Mobilier Bribery (House)
Y 4.Sh 6 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Ship Subsidy Lobby (House)
Y 4.W 74 Select Committee to Investigate Certain Statements Made by Doctor William A. Wirt (House)
Y 4.M 51 Select Committee to Investigate Charges against Members of Congress (House)
Y 4.C 73/4 Select Committee to Investigate Commodity Transaction (House)
Y 4.In 8/20 Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran
Y 4.N 21/3 Select Committee to Investigate Disabled Soldiers League Inc. (House)
Y 4.Ed 8/4 Select Committee to Investigate Educational and Training Program under the GI Bill (House)
Y 4.Ok 4 Select Committee to Investigate Indian Contracts in Oklahoma
Y 4.Ol 1 Select Committee to Investigate Old Age Pension Plans (House)
Y 4.P 93/4 Select Committee to Investigate Public Printing (Senate)
Y 4.T 19/3 Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (House)
Y 4.Su 7 Select Committee to Investigate the Disposition of Surplus Property (House)
Y 4.B 45/2 Select Committee to Investigate the Escape of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll from Disciplinary Barracks at Governors Island, N.Y. (House)
Y 4.F 31/4 Select Committee to Investigate the Federal Communications Commission (House)
Y 4.D 63/7 Select Committee to Investigate the Fiscal Relations between the District of Columbia and the United States (House)
Y 4.B 21 Select Committee to Investigate the Incorporation of the Baltic States into the U.S.S.R. (House)
Y 4.In 8/12 Select Committee to Investigate the Interstate Migration of Destitute Citizens (House)
Y 4.D 63/6 Select Committee to Investigate the Public School System of the District of Columbia (Senate)
Y 4.W 21 Select Committee to Investigate the Seizure of Montgomery Ward and Company (House)
Y 4.F 73/2 Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products (House)
Y 4.V 64 Select Committee to Investigate the Veterans Bureau (Senate)
Y 4.W 12 Select Committee to Investigate Wages and Prices (Senate)
Y 4.C 33/4 Select Committee to Study Censure Charges (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/17 Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (Senate)
Y 4.L 41 Select Committee to Study Law
Y 4.H 23/2 Select Joint Committee on the Harriman Geographic Code System
Y 3.Se 4 Selective Service System (1948- )
Y 4.Im 7/2 Senate Impeachment Trial Committee
Y 3.Sh 6 Ship Structure Committee (1946- )
Y 3.So 8 Souris-Red-Rainy River Basins Commission (1967-1973)
Y 3.So 8/2 Southwest Border Regional Commission (1965-1981)
Y 3.Sp 2/2 Spanish Treaty Claims Commission (1901-1910)
Y 4.Sp 3 Speaker's Commission on Pages (1982)
Y 3.F 76 Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Trade (1934-1935)
Y 4.B 45 Special Committee Appointed Under H.Res. 6 Concerning Victor L. Berger (House)
Y 4.K 13 Special Committee Investigating Kansas (House)
Y 4.P 44 Special Committee Investigating Petroleum Resources (Senate)
Y 4.P 92 Special Committee Investigating Presidential Campaign Expenditures (Senate)
Y 4.M 92 Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 4 Special Committee on Aging (Senate)
Y 4.At 7 Special Committee on Atomic Energy (Senate)
Y 4.F 31/3 Special Committee on Federal Penal and Reformatory Institutions (House)
Y 4.Ai 7/2 Special Committee on Investigation of Air Mail and Ocean Mail Contracts (Senate)
Y 4.Am 3/2 Special Committee on Investigation of American Sugar Refining Company (House)
Y 4.C 76/8 Special Committee on Official Conduct (Senate)
Y 4.P 84/7 Special Committee on Post-War Economic Policy and Planning (Senate)
Y 4.Sp 1 Special Committee on Space and Astronautics (Senate)
Y 4.C 17 Special Committee on the Centennial Celebration of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Capitol
Y 4.P 92/2 Special Committee on the Investigation of Presidential and Senatorial Campaign Expenditures (Senate)
Y 4.Si 3 Special Committee on the Investigation of Silver (Senate)
Y 4.C 76/6 Special Committee on the Organization of Congress (Senate)
Y 4.P 84/9 Special Committee on the Post-War Economic Policy and Planning (House)
Y 4.R 22/2 Special Committee on the Readjustment of Service Pay (House)
Y 4.L 22 Special Committee on the Survey of Land and Water Policies of the United States (Senate)
Y 4.T 19/2 Special Committee on the Taxation of Governmental Securities and Salaries (Senate)
Y 4.N 21/9 Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency (Senate)
Y 4.3 Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem (Senate)
Y 4.Un 1 Special Committee on Un-American Activities (Senate)
Y 4.Un 2/3 Special Committee on Unemployment Problems (Senate)
Y 4.W 64 Special Committee on Wildlife Resources (Senate)
Y 4.Sh 6/2 Special Committee to Investigate Alleged Ship Purchase Lobby (Senate)
Y 4.Am 3/3 Special Committee to Investigate American Retail Federation
Y 4.B 22/4 Special Committee to Investigate Bankruptcy and Receivership Proceedings and Administration of Justice in United States Courts (Senate)
Y 4.C 15 Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures (House)
Y 4.Ex 3 Special Committee to Investigate Charges of Execution without A Trial in France (Senate)
Y 4.C 73/3 Special Committee to Investigate Communist Propaganda in the United States (House)
Y 4.Am 3/4 Special Committee to Investigate Conditions in the American Merchant Marine
Y 4.Ex 3/4 Special Committee to Investigate Executive Agencies (House)
Y 4.F 22 Special Committee to Investigate Farm Labor Conditions in the West (Senate)
Y 4.F 73 Special Committee to Investigate Food Shortages (House)
Y 4.G 21 Special Committee to Investigate Gasoline and Fuel Oil Shortages (Senate)
Y 4.L 78/2 Special Committee to Investigate Lobbying Activities
Y 4.C 86/2 Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce (Senate)
Y 4.P 75 Special Committee to Investigate Political Activities, Lobbying and Campaign Contributions (Senate)
Y 4.P 92/3 Special Committee to Investigate Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Senatorial Campaign Expenditures, 1944
Y 4.P 94 Special Committee to Investigate Propaganda or Money Alleged to Have Been Used by Foreign Governments to Influence United States Senators (Senate)
Y 4.T 21 Special Committee to Investigate Taylor and Other Systems of Shop Management
Y 4.C 49/4 Special Committee to Investigate the Administration and Operation of the Civil Service Laws (Senate)
Y 4.C 33/3 Special Committee to Investigate the Centralization of Heavy Industry in the United States (Senate)
Y 4.Ar 5 Special Committee to Investigate the Cost of Armor Plant
Y 4.D 63/4 Special Committee to Investigate the District of Columbia Excise Board (Senate)
Y 4.F 95 Special Committee to Investigate the Fuel Situation in the Middle West (Senate)
Y 4.G 74 Special Committee to Investigate the Government Hospital for the Insane
Y 4.H 81/2 Special Committee to Investigate the Management and Control of the House Restaurant
Y 4.N 21/4 Special Committee to Investigate the N.L.R.B. (House)
Y 4.N 21/2 Special Committee to Investigate the National Security League (House)
Y 4.Ol 1/2 Special Committee to Investigate the Old-Age Pension System (Senate)
Y 4.W 88 Special Committee to Investigate the Production, Transportation and Marketing of Wool (Senate)
Y 4.W 27 Special Committee to Investigate the Washington Railway and Electrical Company (Senate)
Y 4.Un 2/2 Special Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief (Senate)
Y 4.F 76/6 Special Committee to Study Foreign Aid Program (Senate)
Y 4.Am 3/5 Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business (Senate)
Y 4.R 29/2 Special Committee to Study the Reorganization of Courts of the United States and Reform of Judicial Procedure (Senate)
Y 4.L 44/1 Special Joint Committee on Revision of Laws
Y 4.R 22/1 Special Joint Committee on the Readjustment of Service Pay
Y 3.St 8 Strategy Council on Drug Abuse (1972-1980)
Y 3.Su 1 Subversive Activities Control Board (1950-1973)
Y 3.Su 3 Sugar Equalization Board (1918-1926)
Y 3.H 62/3 Supreme Court Historical Society (1974- )
Y 3.W 19/7: 201 Surplus Property Administration (1945-1946)
Y 3.T 17/2 Tariff Board (1909-1916)
Y 3.T 17 Tariff Commission (1882)
Y 3.W 84/3 Task Force on Women, Minorities, and the Handicapped in Science and Technology (1986-1990)
Y 3.Al 1s/2 Temporary Alaska Claims Commission (1964-1969)
Y 4.D 36/2 Temporary Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction
Y 4.T 24 Temporary National Economic Committee
Y 4.Se 5/4 Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System
Y 3.T 25 Tennessee Valley Authority (1933- )
Y 3.T 36 Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission (1936-1939)
Y 3.T 68 Transportation investigation and Research Board (1940-1944)
Y 3.T 79 Tuberculosis Committee (1906)
Y 3.Ar 2/2 U.S. Arctic Research Commission (1984- )
Y 3.C 42/2 U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (1990- )
Y 3.H 42 U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad (1985- )
Y 3.R 27 U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (1998- )
Y 3.C 43/3 U.S. National Commission on the International Year of the Child (1978-1980)
Y 3.Un 3/2 U.S. Study Commission on Neches, Trinity, Brazos, and San Jacinto River Basins and Intervening Areas (1958-1962)
Y 3.Un 3/4 U.S. Study Commission on the Savannah, Altamaha, Saint Marys, Apalachicola-Chattahoochee, and Perdido-Escambia River Basins and Intervening Areas (1958-1963)
Y 3.Un 3/3 U.S.-FAO Interagency Committee (1958)
Y 3.B 27 United States Access Board (1976- )
Y 3.Ad 9/12 United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (1978-2011)
Y 3.H 62/2 United States Capitol Historical Society (1962- )
Y 3.Un 3 United States Constitutional Sesquicentennial Commission (1935- 1941)
Y 3.En 2 United States Enrichment Corporation (1995-1998)
Y 3.H 74 United States Holocaust Memorial Council (1979- )
Y 3.P 31 United States Institute of Peace (1984- )
Y 3.M 56 United States Metric Board (1975-1982)
Y 3.R 11/2 United States Radiation Policy Council (1980-1982)
Y 3.R 13/4 United States Railway Association (1974-1987)
Y 3.Se 5 United States Sentencing Commission (1987- )
Y 3.Un 3/5 United States-Puerto Rico Commission on Status of Puerto Rico (1964)
Y 3.Up 6/4 Upper Colorado River Commission
Y 3.Up 6 Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission (1967-1981)
Y 3.V 55 Venezuelan Boundary Commission (1897)
Y 3.V 64 Veterans’ Education Appeals Board (1950-1957)
Y 3.W 19/8 War Assets Administration (1947-1949)
Y 3.W 19/4 War Claims Arbiter (1928-1931)
Y 3.W 19/9 War Claims Commission (1948-1954)
Y 3.W 19/6 War Contracts Price Adjustment Board (1944-1951)
Y 3.W 19/3 War Finance Corporation (1918-1939)
Y 3.W 19/2 War Industries Board (1918)
Y 3.W 19 War Investigating Commission (1899)
Y 3.W 19/5 War Policies Commission (1930-1932)
Y 3.W 27 Washington Monument Joint Commission (1876-1888)
Y 3.W 29 Water Resources Council (1965-1982)
Y 3.W 52/2 Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission (1995-1998)\
Y 3.W 56 Wheat Director (1919-1920)
Y 3.W 58/15 White House Conference “To Fulfill These Rights” (1966)
Y 3.W 58/4 White House Conference on Aging (1958-1961)
Y 3.W 58/19 White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development (1978)
Y 3.W 58 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection (1930)
Y 3.W 58/3 White House Conference on Children (1960)
Y 3.W 58/3-2 White House Conference on Children (1970)
Y 3.W 58/6 White House Conference on Conservation (1962)
Y 3.W 58/2 White House Conference on Education (1954-1955)
Y 3.W 58/13 White House Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity (1965)
Y 3.W 58/8 White House Conference on Export Expansion (1963)
Y 3.W 58/22 White House Conference on Families (1979)
Y 3.W 58/16 White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health (1969-1970)
Y 3.W 58/18 White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals (1976)
Y 3.W 58/14 White House Conference on Health (1965)
Y 3.W 58/23 White House Conference on Indian Education
Y 3.W 58/17 White House Conference on Industrial World Ahead (1971)
Y 3.W 58/11 White House Conference on International Cooperation (1965)
Y 3.W 58/20 White House Conference on Library and Information Services (1978)
Y 3.W 58/9 White House Conference on Mental Retardation (1963)
Y 3.W 58/5 White House Conference on Narcotic and Drug Abuse (1962)
Y 3.W 58/7 White House Conference on National Economic Issues (1962)
Y 3.W 58/12 White House Conference on Natural Beauty (1965)
Y 3.W 58/21 White House Conference on Small Business
Y 3.W 58/21-2 White House Conference on Small Business
Y 3.W 58/3-3 White House Conference on Youth (1970-1971)
Y 3.H 62/4 White House Historical Association (1961- )
Y 3.W 83 Wolf Management Committee (1990-1991)
Y 3.W 86 Woodrow Wilson Centennial Celebration Commission (1954-1957)
Y 3.W 86/2 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission (1961-1966)
Y 3.W 89/2 Works Progress Administration (1935-1939)
Y 3.W 89 World War Foreign Debt Commission (1922-1927)
Y 3.Y 8 Yorktown Centennial Commission (1881-1883)
Y 3.Y 8/2 Yorktown Sesquicentennial Commission (1928-1930)