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HIUS 103 - United States and the Pacific World: Materials Shown During Class

Materials Shown During Class

Title Call Number & Link to Roger for Requesting
Cold facts about California (Rare) F861 .H75 1895
Directory of hotels and resorts on California's mission trails : the scenic ocean route between Los Angeles and San Francisco (Rare) F859.3 .C342 1936
California trains

(Rare) T872.B1 C35 1915

Digitized version available

Painted desert exhibit : San Diego Exposition

(Rare) T872.B1 P35 1915

Digitized version available

Why not San Diego County, California

(Rare) F868.S15 W626 1911

Looking east on the Prado, during construction period, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Calif., U. S. A (Rare) T872.C1 L66 1914
California's expositions, 1915 (Rare) F866 .C26 1915
High points on four great high ways to the California expositions (Rare) F866 .H58 1915
Japanese Tea Garden P.P.I.E, 1915, S.F

(Rare) TC781.C1 J37 1915Z

Digitized version available

The gold-seeker's manual : being a practical and instructive guide to all persons emigrating to the newly-discovered gold regions of California (Rare) TN420 .A634 1849
The aloha guide (Rare) DU622 .S3 1915
The Hawaiian Islands : their progress and condition under missionary labors (Rare) DU623 .A56 1864
[Hawaii travel journal]

(Rare) BV3680.H4 R69 1842

Digitized version available

Asleep! : the complete official story of what happened at Pearl Harbor (Rare) D767.92 A754 1940z
Year book, Old Spanish Trail : the highway of the southern borderlands (Rare) HE355 .O53
The condition of the Mission Indians of Southern California (Rare) E78.C15 D8 1901
Dictionary of the Chinook jargon : English -- Chinook (Rare) PM848 .L7 1909
[Sherman Institute autograph volume]

(Rare) E97.6.S54 L66 1922

Digitized version available

Letter : camp of Mr. Grey, near San Diego

(Rare) F865 .H83 1849

Digitized version available

Before the Military Commission convened by the Commanding General, United States Army Forces, Western Pacific. United States of America vs. Tomoyuki Yamashita : Exhibits

Offsite, (Annex) D804 .J33 Y19 1945

NOTE: Request at least 24 hours in advance to allow time to retrieve from offsite storage space.

Miss Philippines is calling you (Rare) DS654 .M57 1925
A woman's impressions of the Philippines (Rare) DS659 .F44 1910
The official and pictorial record of the story of American expansion

Offsite, (Annex) E715 .O32

NOTE: Request at least 24 hours in advance to allow time to retrieve from offsite storage space.

Notes of a tramp doughboy (Rare) D805.P6 N68 1972
Anak pawis cookbook (AIWF) TX724.5.P5 A63 1970
From Japan and the Orient to American and Europe (Good) DS810 .T692 1920
Rand McNally & Co.'s indexed atlas of the world map of Oceania and Malaysia (Rare) G9250 1892 .R36
Shipping documents, 1861-1866 (Rare Fol) HF5761 .S47 1861
[Tijuana photograph postcard collection] (Rare) F1391.T36 T5532 1915z
Vietnam as a tourist centre (Rare) DS557.A5 A54 1953
The Bridge of Cabrillo leads to the fairy palaces of the Panama-California Exposition, at San Diego in 1915

(Good) TC781.C1 B75 1913

Digitized version available

Maps of the Pacific Coast Steamship Co. routes (Good MC) G3351.P5 1911 P33 Map
Official guide book of the Panama-California Exposition

(Good) T872.A1 A3 1915b

Digitized version available

[Collection of western mining company stock certificates], 1850-1920 (Rare FF) HD9506.U52 C65 1850z
Letters : 1849 March 23 - Nov. 19 MSS 34 (FB-271-01)
Policy on the life of Alonzo E. Bean, 1852 (Good Fol) F865 .P65 1852
The idle and industrious miner (Good) PS571.C2 D45 1854
Accounts of F.L. Harris during his stay in California, 1849-1852 (Good) HG295.U6 H37 1849
The friend (Hill) BX9884.A1 F7
Letters to Mrs. H.W. Tucker and to Mr. and Mrs. Seth Low : 27 June-16 October 1852 MSS 172 (FB-227-08)
The white conquest of Arizona : history of the pioneers (Good) F811 .J14 1908
The Indian : the magazine of the Mission Indian Federation (Rare Fol) E75 .I53
The U.S.S. Dixie celebrates an atomic July 4th at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, Operation Crossroads (AIWF) TX739.F68 U7 1946
Woo Chee Chong Company, the Chinese gifts store in Chinatown (Rare MC) F870.C5 W64 1938
Great Eastern Tea Co (AIWF Fol) HD9195 G74 1900z
Gin Chow's ... annual almanac (Good) AY64 .G5
Trinidad herald, April, 1852 (Good) F866 .T75 1852 VLT