TDGR 289: Intro to Doctoral Studies: Bibliographies on Theater History, Design & Technology

Websites relating to theater history, arts and technology

Costume Page. A portal to over 1000 websites relating to costume and costuming: for theatrical and non-theatrical costumers, students and researchers, re-enactors, and anyone interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history. Unfortunately, not updated since October 2009.


Selected Bibliographies on Theater and Dance History, Arts & Technology

Note: Most of these are printed books.


 Arnott, James Fullarton and John William Robinson. English Theatrical Literature, 1559-1900: A Bibliography, Incorporating Robert W. Lowe’s A Bibliographical Account of English Theatrical Literature Published in 1888. London: Society for Theatre Research, 1970.

              UCSD: PN 2581 .A74 1970 Geisel Reference

UCI:     Z 2014 .D7 A74 1970 Langson Reference

            (The 1888 book by Lowe is on the 7th floor (UCSD) at PN 2581 .L69 1888 and available at UCI from SRLF.)


Bailey, Claudia Jean. A Guide to Reference and Bibliography for Theatre Research. 2nd ed. rev.  Columbus: Ohio State University Libraries, 1983.  Geisel Reference: PN 1620 .A1 B15 1983; not at UCI.


Baker, Blanche. Theatre and Allied Arts: A Guide to Books Dealing with the History, Criticism, and Technic  of the Drama Theatre and Related Arts and Crafts. and Stage and on the Allied Ats of the Theatre. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1952.  A revision of a 1933 book with a similar but different title. Geisel Reference PN 1721 .B18 1952 ; Langson Reference Z 5781 .B18.


Bibliography of Performing Arts in the East. A continuously updated bibliography of resources in Western languages about the performing arts in the East, it attempts to be comprehensive in the areas of theater, dance, puppetry, masks, and selective in the fields of cinema and martial arts. Compiled by Alex Hadary.


Carothers, J. Frances. The Puppeteer's Library Guide: The Bibliographic Index to the Literature of the World Puppet Theatre. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1971-1983. 2 volumes. Geisel stacks PN 1972 .C76 1971


Cavanagh, John. British Theatre: A Bibliography, 1901-1985. (The Motley Bibliographies, v. 1). Mottisfont, U.K.: Motley Press, 1989.  Continues Arnott & Robinson.

            UCSD: PN 2581 .C38 1989 Geisel Reference   

            UCI: Available from SRLF


Cumulated Dramatic Index 1909-49: A Cumulation of the F.W. Faxon Company’s Dramatic Index. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1965. 2 vols.  The original annual index was subtitled “Covering Articles and Illustrations Concerning the Stage and Its Players in the Periodicals of America and England and Including the Dramatic Books of the Year.” It appeared as Part II of Faxon’s Annual Magazine Subject Index, a competitor for over 40 years to H.W. Wilson’s Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. 

            UCSD: PN 1655 .C86 1965 Geisel 1 East Indexes 

            UCI:     Z 5783 .D7 Langson Stacks Double Oversize


Edsall, Mary E. A Core Collection in Dance. Chicago: Dance Librarians Committee, Arts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries, 2001. Geisel Reference GV 1594 .C67 2001;  Langson Special Collections (same call number) and Langson stacks Z 7514 .D2 C685 2001.


Fordyce, Rachel. Children's Theatre and Creative Dramatics: An Annotated Bibliography of Critical Works.  Boston: G. K. Hall, 1975. Geisel stacks PN 3157 F67 1975 


Gilder, Rosamond. A Theatre Library: A Bibliography of One Hundred Books Relating to the Theatre. NY: Theatre Arts, Inc., for the National Theatre Conference, 1932.  Although over 80 years old, this is still a useful survey of scholarship about theater history through 1931; the long annotations include references to more than just the 100 books suggested by the title.

             Not at either UCI or UCSD; submit request for SRLF copy via Melvyl.


Gray, John. Black Theatre and Performance: A Pan-African Bibliography.New York: Greenwood Press, 1990. Geisel Reference and stacks: PN 2969 .G7 1990


Howard, John T. A Bibliography of Theatre Technology: Acoustics and Sound Lighting, Properties, and Scenery. Westport, Ct.: Greenwood Press, 1982. 

            UCSD: PN 2091 .S8 H68 1982 Geisel Reference

            UCI:     Z 5784 .S8 H68 1982 Langson Stacks


Johnson, Claudia D. and Vernon E. Johnson. Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Memoirs. Westport, Ct.: Greenwood Press, 1982.  

UCSD: PN 2597 .J63 1982 Geisel Stacks 

UCI: Available from SRLF

Jowers, Sidney and John Cavanagh. Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-up and Wigs: A Bibliography and Iconography. (Motley Bibliographies, v. 4). Romsey: Motley Press; London & NY: Routledge, 2000.  May replace Kesler’s Theatrical Costume.

            UCSD: PN 2067 .J69 2000 Geisel Reference

            UCI:     PN 2067 .J68 2000 Langson Stacks


Jowers, Sidney Jackson and John Cavanagh. \Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-Up and Wigs: A Bibliography and Iconography. (Motley Bibliographies, v. 4). London: Routledge, 2000. Also available in print format: PN 2067 .J69 2000 / Geisel 7th floor.




Kesler, Jackson. Theatrical Costume: A Guide to Information Sources. (Performing Arts Information Guide Series, v. 6). Detroit: Gale Research, 1979. 

            UCSD: PN 2067 .K47 Geisel Reference

            UCI:     Z 5691 .K47 Langson Reference


Larson, Carl F. W. American Regional Theatre History to 1900: A Bibliography. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1979.   

UCSD: PN 2221 .L34 Geise l Reference

UCI:     PN 2221 .L37 Langson Stacks

Lowe, Robert. A Bibliographical Account of English Theatrical Literature ... 1888.  See Abbott (above).

New York Public Library. The Research Libraries. Catalog of the Theatre and Drama Collections. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1967-1976. 51 vols.  First supplement, 1973, 3 vols.

            UCSD: PN 1620 .N56 1967 Geisel 8th Floor OVERSIZE BOOKS

            UCI:     Available from SRLF

            Updated annually since 1975 by: Bibliographic Guide to Theatre Arts (see also under the tab Article Databases)


Patterson, Michael. German Theatre: A Bibliography from the Beginning to 1995. (Motley Bibliographies, v. 3). Leicester: Motley Press; NY: G.K. Hall, 1996.

            UCSD: PN 2641 .P28 1996 Geisel Reference

            UCI:  Available via ILS.


Silvester, Robert. United States Theatre: A Bibliography from the Beginning to 1990. (Motley Bibliographies, v. 2). New York: G.K. Hall & Co.; Romsey, U.K.: Motley Press, 1993.

            UCSD: PN 2221 .S55 1993 Geisel Reference 

            UCI: Available through ILS.


 Steadman, Susan M. Dramatic Re-Visions: An Annotated Bibliography of Feminism and Theatre, 1972-1988. Chicago: American Library Assn., 1991. 

            UCSD: PN 1590 .W64 S73 1991 Geisel Reference

            UCI:     Z 5784 .F45 S73 1991 Langson Stacks


Stoddard, Richard. Stage Scenery, Machinery, and Lighting: A Guide to Information Sources. (Performing Arts Information Guide Series, v. 2). Detroit: Gale Research, 1977.

            UCSD: PN 2091 .S8 S79 Geisel Reference

UCI:    Z 5784 .S8 S79 Langson Stacks


Stoddard, Richard. Theatre and Cinema Architecture: A Guide to Information Sources. (Performing Arts Information Guide Series, v. 5). Detroit: Gale Research, 1978.

            UCSD & UCI: NA 6821 .S82 Geisel 1 West Stacks / Langson Stacks


Stratman, Carl J. American Theatrical Periodicals, 1798-1967: A Bibliographical Guide. Durham: Duke University Press, 1970. 

UCSD: PN 1584 .S75 1970 Geisel Reference

UCI:     Z 6935 .S75 Langson Reference & Stacks



Stratman, Carl J. Bibliography of the American Theatre Excluding New York City. Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1965. 

            UCSD: PN 2221 .S77 1965 Geisel Reference

            UCI:  Available from SRLF



Stratman, Carl J., David G. Spencer, and Mary Elizabeth Devine. Restoration and Eighteenth Century Theatre Research: A Bibliographical Guide, 1900-1968. Carbondale: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 1971.  An earlier volume (Troy, N.Y.: Whitston Press, 1969) covers 1961-1968.

UCSD: PR 691 .S853 1971 and .S854  1969 Geisel Reference 

UCI: Available from SRLF


A scholarly journal with the same title has included an annual bibliography for many years. Various volumes of it are available in IIPA, LiON, and most recently IBTD.


Taylor, Thomas J. American Theatre History: An Annotated Bibliography. (Magill Bibliographies). Pasadena: Salem Press, 1992. 

            UCSD: PN 2221 .T25 1992 Geisel Reference 

            UCI:  Available through ILS


Wilmeth, Don B. American and English Popular Entertainment: A Guide to Information Sources. (Performing Arts Information Guide Series, v. 7). Detroit: Gale Research, 1980.

            UCSD: GV 1815 .W53 Geisel stacks

            UCI:  Available through ILS.



Wilmeth, Don B. The American Stage to World War I: A Guide to Information Sources. (Performing Arts Information Guide Series, v. 4). Detroit: Gale Research, 1978. 

            UCSD: PN 2221 .W55 at SRLF. 

            UCI: Available through ILS. 


The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre. Ed. Don Rubin. Volume 6: Bibliography/ Cumulative Index. London & NY: Routledge, 2000. 

            UCSD: PN 2035 .W67 1994 v. 6 Geisel Reference

            UCI:     PN 1861 .W67 1994 v. 6 Langson Reference