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Neurosciences: Community

Help with the basics of access to library and data resources related to Neurosciences

Professional Organizations

Society for Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience (SFN) offers annual meetings, publications, and employment listserv.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Is part of the NIH and provides information about research and funding opportunities

American Neurological Association
A professional society of academic neurologists and neuroscientists devoted to training and educating neurologists and other physicians in the neurologic sciences and to expanding understanding of diseases of the nervous system and our ability to treat them.

International Behavioral Neuroscience Society
The International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS) was formed to encourage research and education in the field of behavioral neuroscience. Founded in 1992, the IBNS has members from 34 different countries and consist of scientists, clinicians, teachers, and others with a background and interest in the relationship between brain and behavior.

Cognitive Neuroscience Society
The Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) is committed to the development of mind and brain research aimed at investigating the psychological, computational, and neuroscientific bases of cognition.

Organization for Human Brain Mapping
An international organization dedicated to using neuro-imaging to discover the organization of the human brain.