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This Guide is designed to provide a general orientation/introduction to research in Anthropology, especially for undergraduate students at UCSD who are new to Anthropology research.

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The University of California San Diego's Anthropology Department offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate courses in archaeology, as well as in biological, social, cultural, psychological, political, and linguistic anthropology. Courses include offerings that focus on specific societies or regions of the world—especially Latin America, Asia, and Oceania—as well as more theoretically oriented topics. Students may enroll in archaeological field school and study-abroad programs in the Middle East, Latin America, and Mediterranean. Students will also have opportunities to gain hands on experiences in our research laboratories and special facilities.

Schools and Departments of Anthropology across the United States and the world have different areas of specialization and foci, and UCSD's include: Archaeology, Biological, Psychological & Medical, Linguistics, and Sociocultural Anthropology.   The Anthropology Faculty at UCSD therefore identify with and belong to these clusters of subjects.

Use the tabs to navigate this guide, and be sure to scroll down to see the content on each page.  

Click on the tab "Beginning Your Research in Anthropology" to identify key, specialized Anthropology resources which provide excellent starting points for Anthropology research.  Please also email me if you have additional research questions, would like to set up a research consultation, or have other suggested resources to include in this guide.


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