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Accounting Resources: Citation Generators -- A Short List

This research guide provides high quality resources for Masters of Accounting program and others studying accounting at UC San Diego

Citation generators are tools in which you use a DOI or type the information regarding the citation (instead of pulling directly from a database or catalog) - they usually have a form to help guide you in what information is needed - and then they format it into the style you need. 

For a jump start to a formatted citation:

Caveat: As with any tool like these, is it not guaranteed to be accurate all of the time.  To be certain everything is perfect, consult the offical style manuals. 

Get it at UC

Get it at UC

Use "Get it at UC" and the Citation tool that is part of UC Library Search.

From Databases and Google Scholar

Databases and Google Scholar have a tool you can use look for a link or button with Cite

Logos of citation tools

Citation Tools - ZoteroBib & Others

Use one of these tools to create a citation from a DOI, URL, ISBN,  or other unique identifier.  See list of options below.

Citation Tools for Any Type of Citation:

If you have the information about an article or book, you can use one of the tools below to put it in the right format.