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ORCiD Information for UC San Diego

Metadata and Information to Include in your ORCiD

The data stored in the ORCID Registry consists of information that you, as a user, have provided or your authorized trusted individuals or organizations have added with your permission. Other than the identifier itself, we do not require information in an ORCID record to be publicly accessible. (Modified from ORCiD Trust)

When registering for an ORCID iD, only three items are required:

Your given name - this is included in your public ORCID record initially, but you may make it private at any time. ORCiD encourages, but does not require, inclusion of a family name. We recommend that you enter your name in the same form as your publications, a middle initial also helps. Add other forms of your name in the "Also Known As" section.

Your email address - this is hidden from others initially, but you may choose to share it with others including the public. We encourage, but do not require, you to validate your email, include additional email addresses, and choose a primary email for the purpose of receiving messages you choose. We recommend that you include your UC San Diego email address but use a personal, permanent email as your primary address.

A password - this is encrypted before being stored in our database through a “salted one-way hash”, a secure encryption method. To verify your a password when you sign in, we apply the same encryption process and compare it to what is stored in our database.


In addition to these required fields, an individual ORCID record may include the following information. We recommend that you make your profile robust to enhance discoverability and visibility:

  • Biographical information, such as your name variations in any language, keywords, country/ies where you do your work, websites, person identifiers from other systems, and a short biography. Include research interests in the biography.
  • Affiliation information, such as the post-secondary schools you attended and/or places you have worked. Enter UC San Diego as an affiliation.
  • Employment: Enter UC San Diego; do not enter department or unit here. Add one entry per institution unless the positions are different (eg, Super Computer Center to Library)
  • Funding information, such as the grants, contracts, and/or awards that you have received or contributed to. Include the funder and grant identifiers.
  • Research contributions, such as publications, creative works, videos, compositions and publications, data sets, peer reviews, conference presentations, patents, software, and/or dissertations and theses that you have authored, led on, or contributed to. Include DOIs and other identifiers.