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GIS @ UC San Diego: GIS FAQs

Offering great info about GIS@UCSD including tutorials, GIS data, books, course-specific GIS guides and more, we hope this site helps you better incorporate GIS into your work. Come see us in the Lab or online at!

General Questions

What is GIS?

How can I learn GIS?

Where can I go for additional help?

I want to make a map! Where do I start?

A note on ArcGIS versions and compatibility...

Lab Use

How do I use the computers in the Lab?

Do the computers in the Lab connect to the school’s file network system?

Can I save my project/data/map in the Lab?

Can I just use all the GIS data I want, any way I want?

GIS Data

Where is the Lab’s GIS data? What does the Lab have?

What if the X Drive is not connected?

Do you have the specific data I need? If not, how can I find it?

I’ve got my own data in a table! How can I use it?

I have data/a custom layer on the computer, but I can’t find it or add it to my map!

My raster appears as a black box! Is the file bad?

Making Your Map

My layer/labels don’t look like I want them to!

Can I show two (or more) themes with one layer?

ArcGIS Specific Questions

How do I calculate numbers in ArcMap and display the results?

Yikes! Missing a toolbar and/or the Table of Contents?

Finishing the Project

How do I put my map into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation?

Can I print a poster?

Subject Guide

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