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GIS & Geospatial Technologies: GIS FAQs

This guide provides GIS tutorials, data, books, course-specific GIS guides and other geospatial related information that might be of interest.

General Questions

What is GIS?

How can I learn GIS?

Where can I go for additional help?

I want to make a map! Where do I start?

A note on ArcGIS versions and compatibility...

Lab Use

How do I use the computers in the Lab?

Do the computers in the Lab connect to the school’s file network system?

Can I save my project/data/map in the Lab?

Can I just use all the GIS data I want, any way I want?

GIS Data

Where is the Lab’s GIS data? What does the Lab have?

What if the X Drive is not connected?

Do you have the specific data I need? If not, how can I find it?

I’ve got my own data in a table! How can I use it?

I have data/a custom layer on the computer, but I can’t find it or add it to my map!

My raster appears as a black box! Is the file bad?

Making Your Map

My layer/labels don’t look like I want them to!

Can I show two (or more) themes with one layer?

ArcGIS Specific Questions

How do I calculate numbers in ArcMap and display the results?

Yikes! Missing a toolbar and/or the Table of Contents?

Finishing the Project

How do I put my map into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation?

Can I print a poster?

Subject Guide

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