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Now Available: SciFindern

SciFindern and SciFinder are restricted to UC San Diego faculty, staff and students. There is no walk-in access available for non-UCSD affiliates on any library computer.

Do you already have a UCSD SciFindern / SciFinder account?>
Go to SciFindern or SciFinder, login and start searching.

You must be on the UCSD network or on the protected wifi network (or if off-campus using VPN) to use SciFindern or SciFinder, and you'll need to login each time you use it.

Is this your first time using SciFindern / SciFinder at UCSD?
Go to SciFinder at UC to register, using your email address. 

You must be on the campus network (or protected wifi), or off-campus using VPN to access this site. If you have an account with another campus, you'll need to register again, even if it's from another UC campus.