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Flow of Information

The flow of information is a timeline of how information is created, distributed and found.  Information is disseminated through a variety of channels, each with their own authors, audiences and time frames.  By knowing what type of information you are looking for, and the time frame of that source, will help you explore resources more strategically.  

Reporter of the Event Time Frame Where to Look Written by Audience
News (Twitter, Internet, TV, Radio) Seconds/Minutes/Days

Websites, TV Stations, Radio Stations

Citizens, Journalists General Public
Newspapers Day/ Days Newspapers, Newspaper Websites, Newspaper Indexes Professional Journalists General Public
Magazines Days/Weeks Magazines, Magazine Websites, Periodical indexes Professional Journals, Cultural Critics General Public. Knowledgeable Layperson
Academic Journals Months Library Catalog, Article Database, Journal Website Specialists in the Field, Scholars Other Scholars, Specialists, Students
Books Years Library Catalog Specialists, Scholars General Public to Scholars
E-Books Years Library Catalog, Publishers Websites Specialists, Scholars General Public to Scholars
Reference Sources Years Library Catalog, Reference Databases, Publishers Websites Specialists, Scholars General Public to Scholars
Web Pages Seconds/Minutes to Years Web search tools Anyone General Public to Scholars


Information Timeline