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Get Started with Research

Roger, Circuit and Melvyl

As UCSD students, you have access to a wide variety of books beyond our campus, including other local San Diego libraries and the other University of California campus libraries.  You should use Roger to find books available at the UC San Diego Library, Circuit to find books in other San Diego libraries, or Melvyl to at one of the ten UC campuses or to request a book from libraries around the world.  You may use your student identification card to obtain a library card at these other locations, or you may request that items be delivered to UCSD free of charge. 

Circuit - San Diego area universities catalog Melvyl - UC combined catalog
Books usually delivered to The Library within 48 hours, M-F. Books usually delivered to The Library within a week.
Searches the holdings of UC San Diego, SDSU, USD, Cal State San Marcos and the San Diego County Library system. Searches the holdings of all 10 University of California campuses plus libraries worldwide.

1. Link to Circuit and Melvyl from your search results in The Library catalog

Look for the links on the right-hand side of the page, the system automatically repeats your search in the Circuit or Melvyl catalogs:

2. Place Your Request

Both of these additional catalogs provide a tool for requesting the book you want.  

  • In Circuit, look for the blue request button. For example, this is the view on the page with the details about the book.

Select your location and enter your information including your UC San Diego PIN - for details on creating it, see My Library Account tab.


  • In Melvyl, look for the yellow Request button. You can find it on the item's details page.

You will need your library barcode (21822 ...  on the back of your campus ID), select a pick up location, and enter your email address so we can alert you when the book is received.