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Latin American Studies: Historical and Contemporary Business Research

An introductory guide to doing research in Latin American studies in the UCSD Library

Related Research Guides

Click on the Country Information and Reports tab for a list of resources providing background, introductory, and even advanced country information and reports.  Many of these resources are taken from the Statistics/Data Tab of the UCSD Library International Government Information Research Guide which points to resources to find great background information and statistics on countries around the world. Using such resources is a helpful place to start research on any Latin American country.

The Business Research Guide is also an excellent starting place.

Using UC Library Search

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Try keyword searching in UC Library Search for these phrases/keywords may be productive:

  • city directories city/region/country [i.e. city directories Tijuana OR city directories Mexico]
  • companies directories country/region/city [i.e. company directories Argentina]
  • industry/commodity history country/region/city [i.e. guano history Peru]
  • Annual reports of the world's central banks add country if desire

The following authors have produced useful serials and reports:

  • Caribbean Basin Business Information Center (U.S.)
  • Latin America/Caribbean Business Development Center (U.S.)

Databases for Business Research (Including Company and Industry Profiles)

Print Sets Statistical Abstracts for Latin America

Specialized Latin American Resources With Business Information

Newspapers and Periodicals

The News Sources on Latin America tab lists many general and regionally/subject specific news sources which are useful for historical and contemporary business research. 

In addition, there are many important business-specific resources to be aware of.  These include: