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Latin American Studies: Latines in the US

An introductory guide to doing research in Latin American studies in the UCSD Library

Finding Books on Latines in the US

There are a variety of Library of Congress subject headings that are used to describe Latinos in the United States.  The most common ones include

Hispanic Americans

This is the official term used to describe United States citizens of Latin American descent. Works on citizens of Latin American countries are entered under   Latin Americans.   Works on citizens of Latin American countries in the United States are entered under   Latin Americans--United States.

There are also narrower terms that might be used:

Mexican Americans   This heading is used instead of Chicanos or Hispanos.

Cuban Americans

Dominican Americans

Nicaraguan Americans 

Peruvian Americans

Latines in California

Databases about Latines in the U.S.

More General Databases including Content on Latines