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PBL Information Resources and Tools for the First Year: Oral Presentation Resources

This guide provides resources and strategies for finding background, clinical and drug information, including evidence-based medicine strategies and specific information for problem-based learning exercises.

Books Worth Checking Out


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Oral Presentations

Dr. Konop's Tips

The oral case presentation requires a bit of effort and benefits from repeated practice. You may have questions about what to include and the following resources will help you keep in mind the salient points to cover.  Some presentations will be brief - when fewer points will be covered - and some will be longer - where you can cover all of the key points.  


Dr. Gates Tip

Dr. Gates found a great form to use as a reminder of what to cover.  For those of you that like notes, this will work well, and those of you who just want some structure, it will provide that.

Quick Reminder:

Don't bury the lead!  

In other words, state up front the Chief Complaint.  Knowing that will give your listeners the chance to put all the pieces of info that you have to say together in a way that helps them.

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