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CHEM 105: Physical Chemistry Laboratory: SciFinder - Resonance Energy and Bromination Kinetics

Resources to help you find articles and data for your physical chemistry lab experiments. Shortcut:

SciFinder - Resonance Energy of Benzene, Kinetics of Bromination of Acetone

Using SciFinder to find articles about the resonance energy of benzene, and the kinetics of bromination of acetone. SciFinder covers ~10,000 science journals in chemistry and all related sciences. Note: these are only showing key highlights of the searches.

  • SciFinder requires a one-time registration. If you haven't done so, start here.
  • More about SciFinder.
Plural and singular word variants are searched automatically, so don't truncate (*).
Expect some overlap in search results between SciFinder and Web of Science, as they index many of the same journals. But unlike Web of Science, SciFinder searches on concepts as well as keywords. Delocalization is identified as a matching concept, though Resonance was searched.
Here's a search for the kinetics of bromination of acetone. You can search using natural language for more than 2 concepts.
Because the result set is smaller, it would make more sense to look at the references where all three concepts are present, regardless of close association.
Another reference that was also found in Web of Science. But while it was found in Web of Science by viewing citing references, in SciFinder it comes up because "kinetics of bromination."