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Japanese Studies: Newspapers

Major Japanese Newspapers: online & print resources at UCSD



Major Japanese Newspapers :  online & print  resources at UCSD




朝日 (Asahi)

読売 (Yomiuri)

毎日( Mainichi)


産経 (Sankei)

Online database

Kikuzo : full text since 1879.  Also includes

Aera  since 5/1988  

Shukan Asahi since 4/2000


Historical Photo Archives


Yomidas Rekishikan: full text of the Yomiuri Shinbun since 1874. Also includes Daily Yomiuri and a biographical dictionary of modern Japanese figures.


Factiva: selected coverage available since 1/1/2002


LexisNexis covers Daily Yomiuri since 1/1989



Factiva: selected coverage available since 5/1/2002


Also Mainichi Daily News is covered since 6/30/2008

Nikkei Telecom 21: selected coverage since 4/1975.  Full text coverage to 日本経済新聞 since 4/1981, 日経産業新聞 since 10/1981, 日経流通新聞 since 10/1985 and 日経金融新聞since 10/1987.


Also covers the period of 12/1876 – 1958 in PDF format.


Nikkei.Com: English language news on financial information from Nikkei.  Provides searchable archives for the last 10 years.

Factiva: selected coverage available since 1997









Print index


1919-1991 (set)

EastAsia Oversize






Print Shukusatsuban

1927- (monthly)





1970-  (monthly)