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BILD 38: Dementia, Science & Society: Find News Articles

Finding News Articles

Find Articles
  1. Search the Internet (e.g. Google News)
  2. Search news databases provided by the UC San Diego Library
Set up Alerts in specific news sources (BBC, NYTimes, etc.) or set up Alerts in a resource with broad coverage (Google News, PubMed via My NCBI)

Customize Google News

Adjust your Google News page to focus your results.


Google Power Searching

Use Boolean operators to combine terms

AND = AND or and                                research AND bias  

OR = OR                                              bias OR diversity

NOT = minus sign before term to be omitted  jaguar –car

Nest terms within parentheses

(science* OR scienti*)

To find various word endings use  'truncation', placing  an asterisk * as a wildcard

Science* finds science or sciences

Scienti* finds scientific or scientists

Force adjacency with quotation marks

“scienti* research” 

This is a precision tool, retrieving exact word order only. You may lose relevant results with this technique.