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TDGE 03: Cultivating the Creative Mind: Resources on Creativity

Library Resources for TDGE 03: Cultivating the Creative Mind

General Library Info

Resources On Creativity

Creativity Research Journal.  (1988-present).

      A major journal for the publication of research investigating creativity in its scientific, medical, behavioral, and artistic aspects. The journal’s webpage has its own search box, but it is also indexed and searchable in the databases Academic Search Complete, Education Source,  and PsycINFO.  Unfortunately, due to a failure to negotiate a reasonable price for the journal, the UC Library system's access to the journal directly from the publisher ceased at the end of 2012. Luckily, the full text of most 2013 articles are indexed and included in PsycINFO, and thewy will begin to appear in the Academic Search Complete and Education Source databases approximately 18 months after they are published.  

Encyclopedia of Creativity. 2nd edition. Mark A. Runco and Steven R. Pritzker, Editors-in-Chief. Amsterdam and Boston: Academic Press / Elsevier, 2011.

      This completely revised edition encompasses the definition of creativity, the development and expression of creativity across the lifespan, the environmental conditions that encourage or discourage creativity, creativity within specific disciplines like music, dance, film, art, iterature, etc., the relationship of creativity and mental health, intelligence, and learning styles, and the process of being creative. The 2-volume printed set of the first edition is in Geisel stacks level 5 at BF 408 .E53 1999.

Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Ed. Elias G. Carayannis. Dordrecht: Elsevier, 2013.  

      This is a new, 4-volume (in its print format) reference resource that  covers the broad spectrum of topics relating to the process of creativity and innovation, from a wide variety of perspectives (e.g., economics, management, psychology, anthropology, policy, technology, education, the arts) and modes (individual, organization, industry, nation, region).

      To find books, videos and other materials (except individual articles) the Library owns on concepts related to creativity, use the following subject headings* in Roger:

Creative ability (There are many sub-headings, e.g. –Psychological aspects, --Case Studies, --Cross-cultural studies, etc.)

Creation (Literary, Artistic, Etc.) (Likewise, many sub-headings).


Artistic Collaboration

Improvisation in Art or Improvisation in Dance

Masterpiece, Artistic

*To search by subject headings, change the drop-down menu beside the Roger search box from "keyword" to "general subjects."