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Biomedical & Engineering Resources for Summer Scholars: Starting Points

Information resources for summer Scholars.

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Using your laptop to access resources

Before you can get into licensed UCSD resources like databases and electronic journals and books, you have to set up ENCRYPTED WIRELESS on your laptop.  (Guest wireless will not allow you access to these.) 

To set up ENCRYPTED WIRELESS on your laptop, go to the site below and select your operating system.  Detailed directions with illustrations will guide you through the process.

Encrypted Wireless at UCSD

Off Campus Access to Resources

If you are using any computer from off campus, in order to access UCSD licensed resources, you need to set up VPN on your computer.

Directions for setting up Proxy for off campus access.

Library Resources

Article Databases

The Library's catalog (above) does not point you to individual articles (just the journals), so you need an article database.  Depending upon your topic, you might need one or two of the following ones.

General - All Subjects Included:

Subject Focused Databases:

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