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Problem-based Learning & Finding the Evidence: Case 9: Layla Shaheen - Unexpected Diagnosis


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Layla Shaheen -- An Unexpected Diagnosis

Dn't forget to use the Drug Info Resources tab for some good databases to use when your question involves medications.


Resources for this Case

Textbooks (look left)

Newborn Screening Resources

Does Searching PubMed Always have to be so Hard?  No!

Cancer & Genetics Resources

The Point of Care Tools (Medscape & Up to Date)

Patient Information Resources

Cancer & Genetic Resources

Newborn Screening Resources

Does PubMed Always have to be a Problem to Search

Does Searching PubMed Always have to be so Hard?

The answer is no!  There are some great behind the scenes work being done to help you out.  For this week, you might wonder, can I just type in something like, ovarian cancer during pregnancy, and get some good stuff?  And the answer to this is, yes, you can.  After entering that search, look for the "Best Match" button to get a list of articles based on relevancy.  

PubMed screenshot highlighting best match button

Synthesized Resources & Point of Care Tools

MedlinePlus: Information Tool for Patients

MedlinePlus is a great place to find consumer-friendly materials along with directories, a dictionary & encyclopedia, and more.  Take a look and see what you find.

Search MedlinePlus: