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COMM 190: Sponsored Content (Fall 2019): Find Books

library resources to help with annotated bibliography assignment for comm 190 b

Finding Books

Start your search - use the Library's catalog.

The catalog includes both ebook and books in print/hard copy.


Narrow your search using Subject Headings:

A keyword search is great when you're starting out, but to get a more specific set of books on your topic try using subject headings. Subject headings use a set vocabulary to group together books on the same topic. It's a more organized way to search. Starting out a new topic though, you probably won't know the subject heading terminology to use. A great trick is to do a keyword search, find books that meet your needs, and look for the subject headings.

In the following example I started with a keyword search "plague history." I clicked on a promising title to get to this full-page description. The subject headings are the blue hyperlinks near the end of the description:

Finding Book Chapters

Search the Catalog

The Roger catalog default search is a basic keyword search- great when you are starting out your search for books on a new topic. You may also search by Title, Author, and General Subjects.  To limit your search to books in print, select the Books format above the search bar.  If you are interested in e-Books, select the Electronic Materials format above the search bar.

Watch the Catalog Tutorial.

Ask a Librarian

Requesting Books from Other Libraries

If the UC San Diego Library does not own the book you are looking for, or our copy is not available, try searching Circuit and/or Melvyl. Using your library account you can request to have a copy from an outside library delivered to campus for you to check out.


Request books owned by other libraries in San Diego, including San Diego Public Library, San Diego County Library. SDSU, USD, and CSUSM. In general, books through the Circuit arrive faster (often as soon as the next business day), always check here before going to Melvyl.


Request books owned by other UC Libraries.Items requested through Melvyl may take up to two weeks to arrive.


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