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GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations: F

The most current, extensive and fully-linked listing of U.S. government agency, office, program and publication acronyms.


F Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources (older link archive)
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAADS Federal Assistance Award Data System
FAAT FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms List
FAC Federal Audit Clearinghouse | Fish and Aquatic Conservation
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act (older link archive)
FACE Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program
FACETs Forecasting a Continuum of Environmental Threats
FACOSH Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health
FACT Field Audit Checklist Tool | Financing Alternatives Comparison Tool | Food and Agriculture Cyberinformatics and Tools
FAD Food Assistance Division (unable to verify 6/19)
FADGI Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative
FADS Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System
FAE Foreign Aid Explorer
FAER Fisheries: Aquatic and Endangered Resources Program (changed to Fisheries)
FAERS FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (older link archive; archive2)
FAI Federal Acquisition Institute (alternate link archive)
FAIS Food Aid Information System (older link archive)
FAMWEB Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications
FAN Foreign Affairs Network (unable to access 4/19)
Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association (older link archive)
FAPIIS Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
FAPRS Federal Assistance Programs Retrieval System (replaced by CFDA)
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation (older link archive)
FARA Food Access Research Atlas | Foreign Agents Registration Act (older link archive)
Farmer Mac Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
FARR Federal Air Rules for Indian Reservations
FAS Federal Acquisition Service (older link archive; archive 2) | Foreign Agricultural Service
FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
FAST Free and Secure Trade
FATUS Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States
FAVIR Fruits and Vegetables Import Requirements Database
FBCI Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (changed to OFBNP)
FBE Foreign Biometric Exchange Program
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIIC Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service (changed to WNC; defunct)
FBO Federal Business Opportunities (merged into
FBP Fishery Biology Program
FCA Farm Credit Administration
FCC Federal Communications Commission | U.S.-Mexico Border Field Coordinating Committee (unable to verify 11/18)
FCCI Federal Cloud Computing Initiative (unable to verify 10/13; likely absorbed into, then into FedRAMP)
FCCPS Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics
FCG Federal Consulting Group
FCIC Federal Citizen Information Center (discontinued; replaced by | Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
FCS Food Contact Substances (older link archive)
FCSC Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
FCSIC Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
FCSM Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (older link archive)
FCSS Federal Commission on School Safety
FCTF Financial Crimes Task Forces
FD Food Distribution Programs (changed to USDA Foods Programs)
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDA-TRACK FDA Transparency-Results-Accountability-Credibility-Knowledge Sharing (older link archive)
FDB Financial Disclosure Branch
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDLP Federal Depository Library Program
FDMS Federal Docket Management System
FDMSD Food Defense Mitigation Strategies Database
FDNS Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (older link archive)
FDNU Federal DNA Database Unit
FDPIR Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (older link archive)
FDS Federal Data Strategy
FDsys (GPO) Federal Digital System (discontinued 12/18; replaced by govinfo)
FE Office of Fossil Energy
FEA Federal Enterprise Architecture (defunct or inactive 1/17, WH transition)
FEB Federal Executive Boards
FEC Federal Election Commission | Federal Electronics Challenge
FED Food Economics Division
FEDFacts Information about the Federal Electronic Docket Facilities (older link archive)
Fed FUNDS Federal Funding for Water and Wastewater Utilities in National Disasters
FEDIX Federal Information Exchange Inc. (defunct)
FedRAMP Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program
FedRelay Federal Relay Service (older link archive; archive2)
FEDRIP Federal Research in Progress Database (unable to verify 11/16)
FEDS Finance and Economics Discussion Series (older link archive)
FEDSTATS Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy (older link archive; archive2)
FedVTE Federal Virtual Training Environment (older link archive)
FEGLI Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance
FEHB Federal Employees Health Benefits
FEIS Fire Effects Information System
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMP Federal Energy Management Program
FERA Fate, Exposure, and Risk Analysis
FERC Federal Employee Relocation Center (older link archive) | Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FERRET Federated Electronic Research, Review, Extraction, and Tabulation Tool
FES Fusion Energy Sciences (older link archive)
FETC Federal Energy Technology Center (changed to NETL)
FETP Field Epidemiology Training Program
FEVS Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (older link archive)
FEWS NET Famine Early Warning System Network
FFAS Farm & Foreign Agricultural Service (unable to verify 8/17)
FFAVORS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System (older link archive)
FFB Federal Financing Bank (older link archive)
FFEL Federal Family Education Loan Program
FFETF Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (replaced by Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud; older link archive)
FFF Feds Feed Families (older link archive)
FFFIPP Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program
FFIEC Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
FFLs Federal Firearms Licensees
FFP Office of Food for Peace
FFRDCs Federally Funded R&D Centers
FFVP Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
FGA Food Grains Analysis Group
FGBNMS Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee
FGIS Federal Grain Inspection Service (older link archive)
FGM/C Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting (older link archive)
FGOA Feed Grains and Oilseeds Analysis Group
FGP Facility Guarantee Program
FHA Federal Health Architecture (older link archive; archive2) | Federal Housing Administration (older link archive)
FHAP Fair Housing Assistance Program (older link archive)
FHC Fisheries and Habitat Conservation (changed to FAC)
FHEO Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (older link archive)
FHFA Federal Housing Finance Agency
FHFB Federal Housing Finance Board (merged into FHFA)
FHIP Fair Housing Initiatives Program (older link archive)
FHP Forest Health Protection
FHWA Federal Highway Administration (older link archive)
FHWAR National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, & Wildlife-Associated Recreation (older link archive)
FI Fertility and Infertility Branch (changed to FIB)
FIA Federal Insurance Administration (changed to FIMA) | Forest Inventory and Analysis
FIB Fertility and Infertility Branch
FIC John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences
FICAM Federal Identity, Credential, & Access Management (changed to ICAM)
FICMNEW Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds (older link archive)
FICO Financing Corporation
FIDO Federal Interagency Databases Online (unable to verify 1/17) | Forest Inventory Data Online (older link archive)
FIFRA SAP Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Scientific Advisory Panel
FIMA Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
FinCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
FINCIC Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (defunct; archived at UNT)
FIND F Interagency Network Databank (unable to verify 8/17; likely merged into
FINI Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (changed to GusNIP)
FIPNet Federal Information Preservation Network
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards (older link archive)
FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map
FIRST FOIA Immigration Records SysTem (older link archive)
FirstNet First Responder Network Authority
FIS Flood Insurance Study
FISC Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
FIT Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (older link archive)
FITF Foreign Influence Task Force
FJC Federal Judicial Center
FJSP Federal Justice Statistics Program
FLAG Farm Loans Analysis Group
FLAP Federal Lands Access Program
FLAS Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Program
FLASH Flooded Locations & Simulated Hydrographs
FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium | Office of Foreign Labor Certification
FLERT Firefighter and Law Enforcement Retirement Team
FLETA Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FLH Office of Federal Lands Highway
FLICC Federal Library and Information Center Committee
FLIGHT Facility Level Information on Greenhouse Gases Tool