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Keep up with what is being published in your field by using Browzine.

Browzine is a service that allows you to browse, organize, read and keep up with your favorite scholarly journals licensed by UC San Diego.  You can use it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Research Areas

Reviews of research (also called bibliographic essays or literature reviews)  are articles (or book chapters) which cite and summarize what has been published about a topic in recent years. Reviews are published in many sources: scholarly journals, yearbooks, subject encyclopedia-type "companions" and other publications. 


For busy students and scholars, reviews of research are useful shortcuts; use the reviews to gain an overview of a subfield and to quickly peruse summaries of the vast output of scholarly publications.


To find reviews of research that are published in journals, go to a database such as PubMed or PsycINFO and enter search terms, then limit your search to reviews and/or systematic reviews by selecting them in the options under Document or Article Type.


Other Annual Reviews:


New Reference Works:


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