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Web VPN: Web VPN Basics

A quick tutorial on using UCSD's web VPN

Web VPN Basics

The web VPN uses your active directory login when signing in - so no additional ID & password is required to use it.  The easy URL for it is simply,

With the new 2-factor login, on the first screen you see, simply switch to EasyConnect.

webVPN group settings - 2 step secured easy connect

Once 2-Step Secured - EasyConnect is selected, sign in (with AD login).


webVPN login screen

The next screen is an odd-looking one.  It is the web VPN home page.  In the box next to the http:// drop-down box enter the address you want - a database, a journal, an e-book, or other library resource.


Be sure to navigate using the web VPN tool bar (see below) and not via the browser's address bar.  Links within web pages are fine to use.


web vpn tools explained

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