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Psychological and Medical Anthropology: Psychoanalytic Anthropology

Psychoanalytic Anthropology

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these books are available in the Geisel Library.  A few of the sources are available online--for those which indicate "UCSD only" please follow these instructions when accessing from off-campus.

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(More technical lit. on defense mechanisms and adaptive efforts:  Anna Freud (1936), The ego and the mechanisms of defense; P. Suppes and H. Warren (1975), “On the generation and classification of defense mechanisms,” International Journal of Psychoanalysis 56:405-414; R. Nesse and A. Lloyd (1992), “The evolution of psychodynamic mechanisms,” in The adapted mind: evolutionary psychology and the generation of culture, J. Barkow, L. Cosmides, and J. Tooby (eds.), Oxford U. Press, pp. 601-624)