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Psychological and Medical Anthropology: Psychiatric Anthropology

Psychiatric Anthropology

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these books are available in the Geisel Library.  A few of the sources are available online--for those which indicate "UCSD only" please follow these instructions when accessing from off-campus.

(Psychiatric Anthropology: The experience of mental illness, ethnographic studies of mental illness and health, the experience of psychiatric treatment and clinical settings; violence and trauma in culture and subjectivity)

Brodwin, Paul (2013) Everyday Ethics: Voices from the Front Line of Community Psychiatry. Online access, UCSD only. 

Garcia, Angela (1971) The Pastoral Clinic: Addiction and Dispossession along the Rio Grande. Online access, UCSD only.

Good, Mary-Jo Delvecchio,et al., eds. (2008) Postcolonial Disorders.

Jenkins, Janis (2015) Extraordinary Conditions: Culture and Experience in Mental Illness. Online access, UCSD only. Print copy in Library.

Jenkins, Janis and R. J. Barrett, eds. Schizophrenia, Culture and Subjectivity: The Edge of Experience.

Jenkins, Janis, ed.  The Pharmaceutical Self: The Global Shaping of Experience in an Age of Psychopharmacology.

Kitanaka, Junko (2012) Depression in Japan: Psychiatric Cures for a Society in Distress. Online access, UCSD only. 

Kleinman, Arthur and Byron Good, Culture and depression: studies in the anthropology and cross-cultural psychiatry of affect and disorder

Kraus, A. (2001) "Psychiatry: anthropological aspects," in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, pp. 13382-12287.  Online access, UCSD only.

Luhrmann, Tanya  (2000) Of Two Minds: The Growing Disorder in American Psychiatry.

Mattingly, Cheryl (2010)  The Paradox of Hope: Journeys Through a Clinical Borderland. Online access, UCSD only.  Print copy in Library.

Myers, Neely (2015) Recovery's Edge: An Ethnography of Mental Health Care and Moral Agency.

Nuckolls, Charles W. (1992), “Notes on a defrocked priest: comparing south Indian Shamanic and American Psychiatric diagnosis,” in Ethnopsychiatry: the cultural construction of professional and folk psychiatries, A. Gaines, ed.,  pp. 69-84

O'Nell, Theresa D. (1996) Disciplined Hearts: History, Identity, and Depression in an American Indian Community. Online access, UCSD only.  Print copy in Library.

Robben, Antonius and Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozsco, eds. (2000) Cultures Under Siege: Collective Violence and Trauma.